December 25th

Merry Christmas to everyone and many thanks for all the cards!

I am taking the day off today and am not updating my shop.  We are having turkey and it will only just fit in the oven!  We are having drinks at 1.0pm and eating at 2.0pm.  I have a bottle of ready mixed Mojitos!

My Christmas present

My present was two intertwined Tiffany bracelets that were nestling in the blue Tiffany box tied up with white satin ribbon.  They will need to go back to be made smaller but it is not a problem.

Jackson has been very naughty this morning. Absailing up and down the hall curtains!  Slip has cut her paw and so is being good and staying in her basket. It is cut right between two of her paw pads. We have bathed it with disinfectant and think it will heal up.

Now I am going to switch on the oven and get the turkey going!  Back tomorrow.

3 thoughts on “December 25th

  1. Happy Christmas to you, John, Slip and naughty naughty [but nice!] Jackson. Your present from John is gorgeous. Hope you manage to enjoy the day and get some well earned rest.

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