December 26th

The turkey was not a great success yesterday. It was tasteless in spite of my stuffing it with sage, chestnut and onion stuffing.  We did not enjoy it and wished we had had beef instead.  I am going to make a curry with some of it today and Slip can eat her way though the rest!  I had my mojitos and ended up with a headache!

The answer to the contest is that they were 4 shades of Cotton Glace:

A sort of mustard: Dijon
A jewel: Garnet
A fruit: Persimmon or Blood Orange
A mollusc: Oyster

Jacki and Susan both send in correct answers – I did not hear from Kessa, but if you did send an answer, please forward it to me.  Now we will have another jigsaw – go here!  Susan is visiting relatives until the 28th and has no computer access and so I am setting the closing date as December 31st to give her time to get home and answer.

Jackson is still being very naughty.  He went out when we went to bed and woke us up at 4.0am. He was sitting on the bedroom window and yelling and when I did not let him in, he started banging on the glass.  I did not let him in because once I start, he will have me up and down all night. Eventually he went away, only to return an hour later and start banging again!

I am going to cook lunch now – sausages wrapped in bacon!  Back tomorrow

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