December 29th

Sorry, I have not written recently.  John suddenly decided he wanted to sell a lot of his fishing tackle on eBay.  As he has not got a clue about how to list items, I have had to doit all for him. I have been photographing fishing reels and rods non-stop.Then I had to sign him up for a Paypal account. We sold 3 of the reels within 5 minutes of listing them. John immediately then said that we had sold them too cheap!  Honestly….he set the prices and then blames me!!   I had forgotten how time consuming it is listing on eBay.  He has gone shooting today and so I have a break from all things fishy!

My Kidsilk Haze Ash cardigan is coming along – I am now doing the back which is knitted downwards from the tops of the left and right fronts – no sewing up!!  I have got used to the KSH and the lace pattern and am no longer finding it difficult.

We took Jackson to have the second booster injection yesterday.  He was very aggressive in the waiting room – ears back, hissing and trying to claw any passing dogs!  He is good in the car now and does not cry at all – I think he likes motoring.

I am making a cottage pie with Quorn, I have never used it before but John said he would like to try it.  I have fried Quorn mince, onions, carrots, peas, Worcestershire sauce, soy sauce and tomato puree together,mixed in some beef stock, put it all  in a dish and covered  with mashed potato. It smells OK – the proof will be in the eating!

Going out in the cold now to pack more parcels ……..back tomorrow.

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