December 30th

I have been working on my new website today. I am trying to decide how to handle out of stock products. I can either display a message for the customer to click on to be notified when the item is back in stock or I can allow back orders or I can simply have an out of stock message. If I go for back orders the system is sophisticated enough to allow shipment of part orders. By this I mean if someone ordered 2 balls KSH Smoke ( in stock ) and 1 ball of KSH Fern ( out of stock ), it would print an invoice showing the Smoke is to be shipped now and the Fern to ship when back in stock! Sorry this is hard to explain! Any thoughts, anyone?

Tomorrow I am having my hair done and doing some grocery shopping. We may go out to eat and we have a bottle of Champagne for midnight. I doubt if we will stay up til then….we can drink it earlier!

No other news today. I shall be pleased when things are back to normal! Back tomorrow.

6 thoughts on “December 30th

  1. hmmm… I regularly order books from Amazon, and when one is out of stock (the rest of my order being in stock), they ask me if I want to wait for it in order to save on the shipping costs. Just an idea. I think your low prices make the waiting worth it…

  2. Hi Jannette
    * If there’s no guarantee that an item will be restocked “soon” then i would prefer the “out of stock” option.
    * If you are guaranteed that you will have the item within a short turn-around time then i would prefer paying for the complete order and then have the option of either waiting for a delivery of the entire order, OR immediate delivery of current stock and free delivery (since it’s already paid upon ordering) of the missing stock

    I’ve been disappointed with other companies that list an item, i pay for it, and then find 8 weeks later that the item is out of print, and then there’s all the follow-up checking that I’ve been reimbursed etc.

    I guess it also comes down to what makes things more streamlined for you. Avoid options that cause you a headache and stress.

    Thank you for terrific yarn deals all year.
    Susan Busatto

  3. I love the way your site at the moment lists only what you actually have and there is no way I can buy an item that is out of stock. I would personally prefer it to stay as you have it at the moment or at least that before you order you know that an item is not in stock and there will be a delay.


  4. Personally I like the way the site is now but understand if you want to change things to make it easier for yourself. I also like knowing if something is in or out of stock and appreciate that I can send you a note to see if you will be reordering soon. Maybe you want to do away with this option but I hope not. I like your mostly daily blog and your special prices and that my packages come so quickly right to my door. What more could one want? Just please don’t make it too difficult for this rather computer challenged person to figure out.

    Happy New Year to you and your family.


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