December 18th

Jackie, Kessa and Susan all solved the jigsaw which revealed Robinia from Rowan 50.  Several other people also solved this -anyone is welcome to do the puzzles but only Jacki, Kessa and Susan are in contention for the prize as they have solved earlier questions.

Here is another puzzle – I have made the pieces smaller this time and so you may find it harder.  What is it? Answers to by midnight Tuesday.

I am still feeling blue. We went out for a meal last night but it did not cheer me up.  I don’t think I would feel much pleasure if a truck of Kidsilk Haze appeared and it was mine for free!

I am cooking roast pork for lunch with roast potatoes, carrots, spring cabbage and onions stuffed with bacon and pine nuts.  Baked apple for dessert!

Is this thing alight or not?

Jackson does not like the cold weather and sometimes he peers into the fire as if he wishes it would get hotter!  It is snowing quite heavily  at the moment and very dark altho’ it is only

Going to stuff my onions now – back tomorrow.


December 16th

We had snow today – wet snow which did not settle.  But it was very cold.  I made a Hungarian Goulash for dinner – hot and spicy – it warmed us up.

There is no Calmer left at Rowan – all gone.  Also no Lima in Pampas.

Tomorrow I am going to the hairdressers and doing some shopping. We may go out for a meal -there is a new Mexican restaurant that opened yesterday….pitchers of Margaritas crossing my mind!

Jackson is not liking the cold. He would go out when we went to bed last night.  I heard him crying to come in at 4.0 am but ignored him.  Next thing I know, he has jumped up onto the window cill and was banging on the window with his paw.  John eventually let him in and had to dry him off with a towel – he was soaked.

Time to do some knitting…..back tomorrow.

December 15th

Sorry, I have not written for a while.  I have been busy and feeling a bit low. I hate this cold weather and am only comfortable when I am in the bath or in bed!

Jacki, Susan and Kessa all solved the jigsaw, it was Jackson wearing his Kidsilk Haze Stripe scarf!

We will have another jigsaw……this time it is a design!    Click here to go to the puzzle.  Answers by midnight Saturday to please.

My brother and sister in law are not coming on the 22nd.  Peter suddenly has blood in his urine and has to go to have a full examination in hospital on the 22nd.  It is rather worrying but best to have it investigated as soon as possible.

I am working on a new website design but it is slow progress.  I have so many products to enter – it takes forever!  But I do not really want to launch it until February when the new yarns come and I have photos of the new shade cards and so on. So I have plenty of time.

Going to pack parcels now – back tomorrow!

December 12th

Rowan Kidsilk Haze Stripe Collection

Lily from the Kidsilk Haze Stripe Collection

Well, the Kidsilk Haze Stripe Collection has arrived.  It is the same size as the Rowan Studio books. There is a nice cardigan that I quite fancy.  I also received Aran Knits and Vintage Designs to Knit – both are very nice.

Now to the contest.  Jacki recovered from her mammoth baking session and sent in her answer!  All three of you were correct – the answer was Rowan Shades. Now will you please click this link and do the jigsaw puzzle – wait for it to load. You can drag the pieces with your mouse and, to help a little, the outside edge pieces have a black border. Any problems, just email me!   When you have done it, email me what it is!  Send to by midnight Wednesday.

Very cold here again.  I have taken to wearing a tee shirt under my top to keep me warm, it does help a bit.

Off to do some ironing and then to knit!  Back tomorrow.


December 11th

I am soooooo beautiful!

I am extending the contest until Midnight tonight as Jacki has been exceptionally busy with a bake out ( or in – not sure which!)  She has been baking non-stop for days!  She deserves a little more time!

Yesterday I had my hair cut.  I asked my hairdresser where he would take his wife for a nice meal and he suggested somewhere John and I have not been to.  It is called Smith’s and is at Ongar which is about 15 miles from here. Se the menu here.  I see lots of crab dishes – right up my street.  We have decided to go between Christmas and the New Year and may take someone with us – then they can drive!!  It is good having a 2 seater car –  means I do not have to transport people!

The Kidsilk Haze Stripe Collection should arrive tomorrow.  I have no idea what sort of designs they are.

I am cooking roast chicken for lunch with roast potatoes, roast parsnips, brussels sprouts, carrot and peas followed by apple pie with brandy butter.  I shall need to diet before we go to Jamaica or I shall never fit into my swimwear. I have not actually told John that I have booked to go in March – as usual, I am waiting for the right moment!!

Now I am going to turn the oven on and stuff the chicken.  Back tomorrow.




December 9th

Very cold here tonight – Jackson is hugging the radiator!!  I have to be at the hairdressers at 8.0am tomorrow – hope the roads are not icy.  John and Slip are shooting.

Now, I need you to put your thinking caps on!  I am thinking of opening a second online shop.  Jannette’s Rare Yarns will stock yarn, patterns, books and needles.  The new shop will stock beads, buttons, needle cases, knitters tools and so on.  I need a snappy name for it!  Prize for the person who suggests a name that I use.

The reasons for my doing this are two-fold. My existing shop is getting hard to maintain with so many things in it. Secondly shipping would be easier to administer.  At present, if someone buys just buttons they select Buttons as the shipping method.  If they want to buy yarn too, they should buy this separately and the shipping will be calculated correctly.  However, lots of people put buttons and yarn on the same order and select Buttons as the shipping method even though it says NO YARN. This means that they are only charged shipping for the buttons and no shipping for the yarn.  It would be much easier to do the shipping if the buttons etc were in a separate shop.

So get thinking!!  Hope to hear from you soon!

December 8th

The answers to the contest are Kilim Jacket, Persian Poppy Waistcoat, Landscape Jacket and Tumbling Blocks Sweater – all Kaffe patterns. Susan, Kessa and Jacki were correct  Now for a scramble:

Unscramble each of the clue words.
Take the letters that appear in  boxes and unscramble them for the final message.  Answers to by midnight Saturday please!

I received my Bergere de France order a moment ago – cashmere and silk, each ball individually wrapped. Also some copies of the Origin 4 pattern book with instructions in English.

I have finished the right front of Ash and it took 2 balls of KSH used double.  It looks good and I am pleased with it.

It is very windy here. Jackson does not seem to like the wind at all and refuses to go out for more than a moment.  He got me up at 4.45am and I let him out. Within 5 minutes I could hear him crying at the patio door wanting to come in but I ignored him.  He went away and re-appeared as I was getting dressed!

I am making a curry from scratch – pounding spices!  Better go and get on with it.  Back tomorrow.