January 31st

We are going out to dinner with Kevin and Joanne tonight – to Smiths.  I am planning on having a dressed crab followed by half a lobster!  I had my hair washed and blow dried this morning and so have only got my nails to attend to.

I have no idea what time all the Spring Rowan will come tomorrow – I think mid morning.  John will be huffing and puffing and grumbling.  There is a slight chance he might go pigeon shooting which would be marvellous!!  Somehow I have to mention this large imminent arrival during the course of dinner tonight!

Jackson is in the good books as he caught a large rat in the night and left it under the bedroom window for me.    He had bitten it on the back of the neck and done his usual blood sucking

Now I must dash as time is getting on!

January 29th

The new Rowan Studio #26 has arrived – nice tweedy patterns!

Yesterday was one of those that are better forgotten.  First of all, the dishwasher did not start. After a lot of head scratching, I suddenly remembered, the plumber came on Friday to fit a new kitchen tap……..yes, he had turned the power to the dishwasher off.   Then my car would not start….nothing!  Flat battery.  John had already left to go shooting and so there was nothing I could do.  I had to cancel my hair appointment and stay in all day.  We went out for a meal and my fish was off – it tasted horrible.  John was in a prickly mood – I have no idea why, most probably something that happened at the shoot. I was glad when it was time for bed!

Christine, Kessa, Janet, Jacki, Suzanne, Mairead, Assumpta, Marie-Claire,  Olga, Angela and Suzette all correctly found the Beatles songs in the word search,  Here is the next puzzle

Place the words below into pairs, there is no relation in the meaning of the words you are pairing. You will then have 5 lots of eight letters, each of which is an anagram of another word. What are the original 5 words?
Answers to puzzle@jannettesrareyarns.co.uk by midnight Wednesday please!

I am cooking chicken curry for lunch – hot as I can make it!  Off to fry the onions!

January 27th


I love the morning sun!

Here is Jackson at half past eight this morning.  He is on the top tier of his cat tree and get the sun through the window plus the heat rising up from the fire.

My brother and sister in law came yesterday and we went to the Three Horseshoes for lunch.   I had confit of duck, Anne had sea bass, Peter had fillet of cod and John had goujons of monkfish.  I did not have a pudding but Anne had toffee pecan roulade and the men had apple pie with cream and ice cream.   Peter and Anne are going to Viet Nam in March. It is a cultural holiday…something to do with tunnels the Viet Kong build during the war?  Not my cup of tea…give me the beach and a Margarita!

John is shooting tomorrow and I am going to the hairdresser and then doing some shopping. Then back to struggling with my new site….I feel it will never be ready!  On Tuesday, Kevin and Joanne are taking us to Smith’s for dinner….a good opportunity for me to mention the a vast amount of Rowan yarn is arriving the next day!

Now I must get on – a chinese meal to cook!

January 25th

Two new Debbie Bliss books arrived today:

The Village

Debbie Bliss The Village

Debbie Bliss Celebrating Family

Debbie Bliss Celebrating Family

Also all the new shades of Debbie Bliss Baby Cashmerino!!

My brother and his wife are coming tomorrow and so I have been busy banishing cobwebs and shining taps!!  Jackson was a great help with the spiders!  We are going out to lunch at the Three Willows and so I will not have any cooking to do!

Now for the contest.  The correct answer was Rowan 33 – they are all patterns from that magazine.   Janet, Christine, Jacki, Leslie, Kessa, Samantha, Justine, Abbi, Sandra, Paulette and Nadine were all correct.  Now for a word search.  Can you find ten song titles – all by the same artist(s)?   Answers to songs@jannettesrareyarns.co.uk by midnight Friday!  Good luck!

O M Z L C J F M F N L W E Y S 
Y M W S L Y H O Y M N L L D H 
S L Y B G I R R O N A E L E E 
F W B O T Z X X J K F E E I L 
F E B T I T E L H W I Z H T O 
Z N T E C L Y B E F H N C B V 
X A N N O D A M Y D A L I K E 
K L U R J C P R J E M Y M L S 
K Y S W D B E S U I Q J N U Y 
R N H G P B O Q D A V P X K O 
J N E W W U P N E U F Z S S U 
W E C A N W O R K I T O U T K 
Y P R P A Y F I I W G Z L M U 
L T W I S T A N D S H O U T V 

January 22nd

I have put some reduced Kochoran in my store – it is in the Noro Special Offers section.

I have been working on the currency convertor for my new site. It will enable visitors to view prices in their own currency  SO far I have GB pounds, Euros, US dollars, Japanese yen and Australian dollars.  I will add Canadian dollars….are there anymore that you would like? Just let me know and I can add them.  The exchange rates update by themselves and so it will not make any work for me to do!

We did not go out last night. I was feeling tired and just could not be bothered to get ready and go out.  My brother and sister-in-law are coming on Thursday and I have decided to take them out to lunch, it is much easier than my cooking something especially as they are not good on time.

Now for a new contest.  Let me see………Where would you find Stars and Stripes, Sea Breeze and Barcelona?  Answers to puzzle@jannettesrareyarns.co.uk by midnight Tuesday.  The prize is a ball of KSH in the winner’s choice of colour.

I am cooking roast pork for lunch – Slip will have some too.  Jackson has been bad today – absailing up and down my new curtains.  And he managed to loose his collar during his night time wanderings! He will have to pay for a new one out of his mousekeeping money!

Back to the oven now!