January 1st

Happy New Year!!

I have started to put the new Rowan Spring 2012 yarns and books in my store. So far I have done Seascapes, The Summerspun Collection, Creative Linen; and Summerspun yarn and will be doing more tomorrow.

Jacki and Susan both solved the puzzle and I am going to do a final tie breaker tomorrow and then start a new contest.

New Year’s Eve  went a bit pear shaped. John and I had decided to go out for a meal early and then come home and have our champagne.  Kevin and Joanne were let down by some friends and so said they would come with us.  We arranged to meet at the 3 Willows.  John and I arrived first only to find it was not open. John telephoned Kevin and told them to come to the 3 Horseshoes instead. It was open but not cooking!!  We waited for Kevin and Jo to arrive and had a few drinks.  Then we went to the nearby Indian restaurant which could fit us in. It was very busy and service was slow!  When we finally got home, we had headaches and could not face the champagne and so went to bed!  We are going to drink it tonight!

Now it is time to watch a new series of Sherlock Holmes and drink the champagne!  Back tomorrow!

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