January 9th

There were several correct entries for the first part of the contest : Joan, Kessa, Christine, Leslie, Susan, Elena, Linda and Jacki all found the 16 animals!  Now please put your jigsaw puzzling hats on and go here and solve puzzle. What is it? Answers to puzzle@jannettesrareyarns.co.uk by midnight Wednesday please!

I have bought Jackson a new cat tree. We had to assemble it and it was not easy. With hindsight we realised that we should have worked top down!  Anyway, it is done and Jackson likes it!

No news on the yarn front. I am still considering having a giant sale……!

We are going to Cambridge tomorrow to do some shopping. John needs new shirts and shorts for Jamaica and I need swimwear.  I don’t feel very enthused about buying summer clothes when it is cold and dark here….it is hard to imagine that it is hot somewhere else.

Now I must put some more things in my new shop – it is such slow progress but I won’t give up!


2 thoughts on “January 9th

  1. I love the cat tree. My Tosca would love something like that. I think having a huge sale to clear all your stock is a fabulous idea 😉 I’m sure there are a lot of us who’d love to help you clear it.

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