January 13th

Sorry to be behind – I am rushed off my feet plus my chilblains are so sore and typing is painful.

Correct answers for the contest jigsaw were received from Linda, Susan, Joan, Christine, Elena, Kessa and Jacki.  The answer was a ball of Kidsilk Stripe in Cool.  We will have another jigsaw – what is this?  It is quite hard but it is in my store!  Here is the link to the puzzle : http://six.flash-gear.com/npuz/puz.php?c=v&id=3240416&k=88901736  Answers to puzzle@jannettesrareyarns.co.uk by midnight Sunday.

The new Debbie Bliss Rialto Lace is due next week along with one new book from Debbie.

John is shooting tomorrow and I am having my hair cut and going shopping. I bought two new pairs of sandals for Jamaica and still need shorts, tops, swim war and sundresses – not easy to find in the UK in January!

I am starting to organise my yarns for a massive clearance – there are so many bits and pieces that I do not really want the bother of moving to my new shop.

I must go and get ready for the postman – sacks to label and dockets to fill in!


2 thoughts on “January 13th

  1. I don’t always look at your blog! Exciting news about new website shop but agree with other comments that your existing site is great to get around and it is always clear what is available as stock is listed and we can send you a specific query if none is, if you see what I mean.
    Hope you will still have discontinued yarns as I am not impressed with current Rowan range; I’m certainly up for a big sale!
    Have fun in Jamaica,

    • Oh yes! It will have all the features of the old one plus more! I shall still do discontinued and it will be much easier for me to set up special offers like buy 2 and get 1 free or spend so much for free shipping. This is why I am moving…I want to be able to offer more features to my customers!

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