January 17th

The Debbie Bliss Rialto Lace arrived today. I have not even had time to open the box but I will do it first thing tomorrow.  I think there are also some books in the box!

Jackson has stayed in all day by the fire – it has been very cold again. John sold a fishing rod on eBay and so I have been organising the courier and doing the documentation – it is now ready for collection tomorrow. We had to buy a piece of drain pipe to pack it in! I shall be pleased when he has sold all his surplus fishing tackle.

No other news – I am going to plough on with my new shop – only about another 23,000 products to go!

2 thoughts on “January 17th

  1. Yes, the 23,000 includes all the different shades, needle sizes, bead colours, buttons and so on!
    I sometimes feel like giving up but have a rest and then can start again!
    When I switch providers and launch, I don’t think I will have been able put everything in the new shop. I just have to switch at some point!
    Thanks for your input

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