January 20th

I have now had a chance to look at the contest entries and we have a winner!   Kessa pieced the jigsaw together and came up with this:

Jackson in his tree house

Jackson in his tree house

Kessa wins a ball of Kidsilk Stripe in her choice of color – please let me know which one you would like.  I will start a new contest tomorrow.

My face is not quite so painful today. Maybe I had been in a draught!   It is cold and grey here again today. John and Slip have gone clay pigeon shooting but will be back at lunchtime.

I am expecting a delivery from Rowan – the deliveries seem very slow at the moment, perhaps they are busy packing all the Spring yarns which will come on February 1st.   I wish they did not all arrive on the same day as it is a herculean task sorting it all out and photographing it. Ah, here comes the DHL van with my order!!  Must go and sign for it. Back tomorrow.

2 thoughts on “January 20th

  1. Bravo to Kessa, you really earned that ball of yarn! I gave up after my my computer crashed for the second time. Jannette, that was really diabolical– what will you come up with next?!

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