January 22nd

I have put some reduced Kochoran in my store – it is in the Noro Special Offers section.

I have been working on the currency convertor for my new site. It will enable visitors to view prices in their own currency  SO far I have GB pounds, Euros, US dollars, Japanese yen and Australian dollars.  I will add Canadian dollars….are there anymore that you would like? Just let me know and I can add them.  The exchange rates update by themselves and so it will not make any work for me to do!

We did not go out last night. I was feeling tired and just could not be bothered to get ready and go out.  My brother and sister-in-law are coming on Thursday and I have decided to take them out to lunch, it is much easier than my cooking something especially as they are not good on time.

Now for a new contest.  Let me see………Where would you find Stars and Stripes, Sea Breeze and Barcelona?  Answers to puzzle@jannettesrareyarns.co.uk by midnight Tuesday.  The prize is a ball of KSH in the winner’s choice of colour.

I am cooking roast pork for lunch – Slip will have some too.  Jackson has been bad today – absailing up and down my new curtains.  And he managed to loose his collar during his night time wanderings! He will have to pay for a new one out of his mousekeeping money!

Back to the oven now!

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