January 5th

First, the contest….we have a winner!  John’s rod weighed 1.6 kgs when ready for shipment.  Susan guessed 0.734 kg and Jacki guessed 1.8 kgs and Jacki is the winner…commiserations to Susan!  I shall start a new contest tomorrow!

I have been selling more fishing tackle for John…..he is raking in a fortune!  I am glad I no longer sell on eBay tho’ – the fees are horrific nowadays.

I am expecting a Rowan delivery tomorrow including some new books – not THE new books for Spring, but books I have not stocked before. I am ploughing on with my new shop but it is slow going.  I am half considering selling off all my existing stock and starting with new in the new shop – it would make things a lot easier.  As it is at the moment, I can get something ready for the new shop, say Felted Tweed, and put all the quantities in the new shop and then someone buys some from the existing shop and so my quantities are wrong in the new shop!  I am tempted to have a giant sale and then buy all new…..I shall think about it!

My iPhone went horribly wrong on Tuesday.  It would not connect to the network and so I could not make or receive any calls.  I called the service provider and I did various things but it still would not work.  As it is still under warranty, I entered its identity number on the Apple UK site and briefly outlined the problem.  It asked me to enter my telephone number and within a minute, someone from Apple Care in Kentucky called me.  I had to re-set the phone to its factory settings and then restore everything from iCloud and iTunes and it worked again. Magic!

I am going to knit now. Jackson has taken to sitting on my lap whilst I knit and he will tap the needles!  Back tomorrow!


January 2nd

Today I have put the new Rowan Wool Cotton 4 Ply, new shades of Fine Lace, Rowan Holiday Crochet and Rowan by Amy Butler Meadow in my store.

John has had me slaving away selling more fishing tackle on eBay.  Not only do I have to photograph and list it all, when he sells something I then have to organise the courier, print the labels and generally get it all together. I am in the throes of dealing with a 15’4″ salmon rod!

I am going to phone my brother tonight to see when they want to come to lunch.  We have decided to take them out to Smith’s ( the seafood restaurant ).

Now, Jacki and Susan…this is for you!  How much do you think John’s 15′ 4″ salmon rod weighs when packed?  It breaks down into three pieces and they fit in a cloth bag. He has put the bag in a length of plastic drain pipe for protection. So how much does it weigh in the packaging?!  Nearest answer wins!  Answer by midnight Wednesday to itweighs@jannettesrareyarns.co.uk.  You can use pounds and ounces or kilograms!

Off to iron – large heap awaits me!

January 1st

Happy New Year!!

I have started to put the new Rowan Spring 2012 yarns and books in my store. So far I have done Seascapes, The Summerspun Collection, Creative Linen; and Summerspun yarn and will be doing more tomorrow.

Jacki and Susan both solved the puzzle and I am going to do a final tie breaker tomorrow and then start a new contest.

New Year’s Eve  went a bit pear shaped. John and I had decided to go out for a meal early and then come home and have our champagne.  Kevin and Joanne were let down by some friends and so said they would come with us.  We arranged to meet at the 3 Willows.  John and I arrived first only to find it was not open. John telephoned Kevin and told them to come to the 3 Horseshoes instead. It was open but not cooking!!  We waited for Kevin and Jo to arrive and had a few drinks.  Then we went to the nearby Indian restaurant which could fit us in. It was very busy and service was slow!  When we finally got home, we had headaches and could not face the champagne and so went to bed!  We are going to drink it tonight!

Now it is time to watch a new series of Sherlock Holmes and drink the champagne!  Back tomorrow!