February 18th

I have been to the hairdresser this morning and done some grocery shopping. John is out at a fishing club  meeting but will be back for lunch.  We are going for an Indian meal tonight with Kevin as Joanne and Hannah ( Kevin’s wife and daughter) have gone to Los Angeles for a week’s shopping!!

Jacki and Christine both answered the last question correctly – they were shades of Rowan’s new Creative Linen.  Now we will have a jigsaw…what it this? Answers by midnight Monday to jigsaw@jannette’srareyarns.co.uk.

Jackson has developed a hatred of a pheasant that comes into our garden to feed each day.  We call him Big Boy and he always comes at the same time.  Jackson somehow knows this and lays in wait behind a wall and then rushes out at Big Boy. He nearly caught him yesterday – Big Boy had his back to Jackson  and did not see him approaching until the last minute.  I don’t  know if Jackson would be able to kill him if he did catch him!

Now I must get on with my new shop – I am getting there!




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