February 22nd

Today has been fast and furious.  Last night my broadband connection suddenly went down at 8.0pm.  Re-booting the router did not make it spring to life and so I braced myself to ring support in India. After dialling the number I heard an message saying that there was a major fault in my area and it would take 4 hours to fix!  Great!  All I could do was access my site from my iPhone – very fiddly.  It came back very late last night.

We have been looking after Finn ( Kevin’s Wheaten Terrier ) today as he wanted to go to London and his wife and daughter are in LA and so  there was no one to look after Finn.  He is very boisterous but we took him for a long walk and tired him out!

I have the new Debbie Bliss magazine coming tomorrow and also Louisa Harding’s Delphine.  Be sure to check out my Deal of the Day – on the home page of my site – this is a special offer that only lasts 24 hours!

Time for a bath….back tomorrow



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