16th February

The 3 new Louisa Harding books arrived today:

Louisa Harding Dahlia

Louisa Harding Dahlia

Louisa Harding Marguerite

Louisa Harding Aster

Louisa Harding Aster

Also the new Mulberry Hand Beaded and Sari Ribbon arrived – more to unpack!

Kevin is going to come and look after Slip and Jackson when we go to Jamaica.  His wife and daughter are going to Los Angeles next week for a break and Kevin wants to go to Scotland and do some fishing in their absence.  They have a dog which he could take with him but it would somewhat cramp his style and so we will have the dog to stay if Kev decides to go.  It is a Wheaten Terrier called Finn. He is about 20 months old with very curly fur.  Jackson is not amused at this idea and has been doing extra claw sharpening.

Now I must cook dinner – Spaghetti with a smokey bacon and tomato sauce and garlic bread.  Back tomorrow.


14th February

We went to see prospective boarding kennels for Slip and Jackson today!  We were totally disgusted.  It smelled to high heaven as soon as you walked into the reception area.  It was shabby – a sort of pre-fabricated building and so cold!  A girl took us through to see the kennels which were very basic and running with water – or something else.  There were dirty blankets piled in a corner, dirty bowls waiting to be washed and loads of unhappy dogs.  The cattery was no better – very dark inside the pens with a pop-hole for the occupants to go outside onto a concrete strip – no grass at all.  Empty food cans piled high, rubbish everywhere.  It was the worst boarding kennels I have ever seen.

We came away thoroughly depressed.  No way could we leave Slip or Jackson there – I would rather cancel the holiday.  We are going to see if we can get someone to come here and walk Slip and let Jackson in and out, 3 times a day.

Now a new question for Christine and Jacki:  Where would you find a Raspberry alongside an Eggplant and an Apple?  Answer to puzzle@jannettesrareyarns.co.uk by midnight Friday please.

No new yarn news at the moment, I think the new Sari Ribbon will come soon along with Louisa’s new books.   Back tomorrow.


February 13th

Still very cold here but the snow has nearly gone.   I only received one correct answer to the Chicken and Egg puzzle and that was from Jacki.  Everyone else thought the farmer only needed 2 hens – in fact he needed three. Here is the explanation:

A chicken farmer has figured out that a hen and a half can lay an egg and a half in a day and a half. How many hens does the farmer need to produce one dozen eggs in six days?


This is a classic problem that many people get wrong because they reason that half of a hen cannot lay an egg, and a hen cannot lay half an egg. However, we can get a satisfactory solution by treating this as a purely mathematical problem where the numbers represent averages.

To solve the problem, we first need to find the rate at which the hens lay eggs. The problem can be represented by the following equation, where RATE is the number of eggs produced per hen·day:

1½ hens × 1½ days × RATE = 1½ eggs

We convert this to fractions thus:
3/2 hens × 3/2 days × RATE = 3/2 eggs

Multiplying both sides of the equation by 2/3, we get:
1 hen × 3/2 days × RATE = 1 egg

Multiplying both sides of the equation again by 2/3 and solving for RATE, we get:
RATE = 2/3 eggs per hen·day

Now that we know the rate at which hens lay eggs, we can calculate how many hens (H) can produce 12 eggs in six days using the following equation:

H hens × 6 days × 2/3 eggs per hen·day = 12 eggs

Solving for H, we get:
H = 12 eggs /(6 days × 2/3 eggs per hen·day) = 12/4 = 3 hens

Therefore, the farmer needs 3 hens to produce 12 eggs in 6 days.

It is rather like those how long does it take a fill a bath problems!!

Tomorrow I have to accompany John to the Land Rover garage as the back door on his LR is not locking. I will have to go in my car and bring him back. I hope there won’t be any ice about – I am very nervous of ice!

Jackson ha discovered he can eat off his paw and scoops up his biscuits one at a time onto his right paw and eats them off it. Goodness knows why he has started to do this – Slip sits under his cat tree waiting for the ones he drops!

I will start a new contest tomorrow. Got to get on with my new site now!

February 11th

Noro Taiyo and Furin Leaflet

Noro Taiyo and Furin Leaflet

It is even colder here today – bright sun but absolutely freezing. I have been to the hairdresser, John took me in the Land Rover as my car will not go up the drive!   Jackson is now venturing out, giving any patches of snow a wide berth!  We are going to look at some boarding kennels next week with a view to leaving Jackson and Slip there when we go to Jamaica.

My site is coming along but I still do not know when I shall be ready to launch…..maybe next week, maybe not.

We are going out to eat tonight and I am cooking roast pork tomorrow.    Back then.



February 9th

Sorry, sorry, sorry……I have been rushed off my feet here.  There is so much to do with the new site, plus all the usual packing, unpacking and so on.  It is still icy here and so I have to be careful when going out to my warehouses – don’t want a broken leg!!

Everyone found the two 10 letter words  – Discretion and Directions. Now try this one:

A chicken farmer has figured out that a hen and a half can lay an egg and a half in a day and a half. How many hens does the farmer need to produce one dozen eggs in six days?

Answers to puzzle@jannettesrareyarns.co.uk by midnight  on Saturday midnight

The new shades of Noro Aya and Sekku arrived yesterday. I like Sekku very much- the colours are so pretty.

Jackson is going out again – he will not walk where there is any snow but he can get to his bathroom area under the fir trees!

Time to cook the curry – no rest for the wicked!

February 6th

Everyone was correct in saying the the missing letter was T. Here is the next one:

Rearrange the following letters to give two words.

All 10 letters must be used in each word.

What are the words?


C       D       E       I       I       N       O       R       S       T

Answers by midnight Wednesday to puzzle@jannettesrareyarans.co.uk

I have some info regarding the new Spring / Summer Rowan shade cards.  The shades Cocoa and Garden are on the cards.  They do not exist – it is a mistake.  Mud and Shadow have been omitted and they do exist!!

No more snow here but it is still cold.  Jackson did not go out at all yesterday and, more worryingly, nor did he use his indoor facilities. He refused to go out this morning and I was thinking of carrying him down to the fir trees where he normally “goes”.  Suddenly I heard scratching and there he was using his litter tray!

Is there anyone in Russia who could test my shop for me? Also need someone from Korea!

I will be emailing my other volunteers just as soon as I am ready for tests!! Back tomorrow!


February 5th

We woke up to 4″ of snow today.  Jackson is proving to be very difficult. It is the first time he has encountered snow and flatly refuses to go out.  He has demanded that I re-instate his en-suite facilities and so I have done so! However, he has not used them yet – I hope he hasn’t got a secret spot somewhere in the house.  I did see him eyeing the umbrella stand!

I am still struggling with my shop.  I have now done the shipping tables. Next I have to make sure that every item has the correct image(s), price and weight.  I am hoping it may be ready to go live on the 13th. I will need some testers to buy things ( I will refund immediately)  – any volunteers?  I need to make sure that the checkout is working correctly and that customers receive emails notifying them of their purchase.

I am cooking roast beef for lunch with roast potatoes, roast parsnips, cauliflower in cheese sauce and baby cabbage….oh, and Yorkshire puddings.  Then John is having a baked apple stuffed with marmalade and ginger.

We did not go out last night as it was starting to snow and John was worried about the roads. He has gone out this lunchtime for a drink. HIs Land Rover is good in snow – not so my SLK.

Now I must go and see to the Yorkshire puds!