March 26th

Brooklyn Tweed TInder Cardigan

Brooklyn Tweed Tinder Cardigan

I just love this Tinder Cardigan from Brooklyn Tweed – it is so stylish and yet casual.

Now to the contest. My! You certain came up with a big selection of words.  Here are some of them : Advertisement, AlLuminium, Advantage, Asthma. Barrage, Berkshire, Basil, Birmingham, Borough, Buoy, Ballet, Vitamin, Vase, Lever, Lieutenant and Laboratory.  Everyone got at least  6 correct and so here is the next question for you:

Can you think of words that sound the same but are spelt differently in the UK and US. Eight letters for them to begin with – one  word for each letter.









Answers to by midnight Wednesday please!

We have a busy day tomorrow. We are taking the ride on lawn mower for a service – John is loading it on the trailer right now. Then his Land Rover has to go for a service, then we have to go and get canes for the runner beans!  And do some shopping somewhere along the line.

John is now thinking of going to Ireland in mid April.  Good time for a big yarn order!!

Got to take Slip out now – she is standing staring at me!  Back tomorrow.



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