March 31st

Brooklyn Tweed Quill Shawl

Brooklyn Tweed Quill Shawl

I am ordering some more Brooklyn Tweed patterns today including the Quill Shawl shown above.  I am also considering ordering some of their yarns – but I need to find out about import duty etc before I do so.

The Spring weather has gone and there is a cold, north wind today. I have been to the hairdresser this morning and did some grocery shopping for the goulash I am going to make tomorrow. Tonight we are going out for a few drinks and then collecting an Indian takeaway on the way home.

Jackson went out at 3.57 a.m. this morning – he woke me up by banging on the bedroom door.  He has just come back and gone straight to bed. Sometimes I wish I were Jackson – no parcels to pack, balls of yarn to find, missing parcels to worry about……..!

No other news today, I am going to have a rest now and read the newspaper.  No petrol in our local garage at the moment but I still have half a tank and so am not unduly worried. People are just panic-buying, there is no real confirmation that there is even going to be a strike.

Back tomorrow!


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