March 24th

Brooklyn Tweed Kendrick Pullover

I love this Brooklyn Tweed Kendrick Pullover pattern – the cables are gorgeous. Maybe a future project?!

I bought a new jacket this morning. Indigo blue, linen, short sleeves and a Peter Pan collar. It was in a sale and so I do not feel too guilty!

Steve and Lynn are picking us up at 6.0 pm. Kevin and Joanne are getting to Smiths under their own steam.  I hope I feel hungrier than I do now!   I think I shall have the asparagus spears to start with and then the grilled tiger prawns.  The one thing I do not like about Smiths is that they charge extra for vegetables.  With the main course costing around £28.50 ( $45 ), I don’t think you should have to pay £4 ($6.40 ) for a portion of peas or potatoes or cauliflower.  I could buy 4 entire cauliflowers for that – or umpteen packs of peas!!

Roast beef for lunch tomorrow with cabbage, carrots, roast potatoes and roast parsnips and Yorkshire Pudding – £10 a head ( $16 ) if anyone wants to come!! Plus home made eclairs for dessert.  Maybe I should open a restaurant?!

Now I must go in the bath….I will report tomorrow!


March 23rd

Rowan Magazine #15

I have managed to secure a copy of Rowan Magazine 15 and will put it in my shop tomorrow – I had forgotten how lovely some of the old designs were!

Sorry to be slow – I have been so busy!  The answer to the first contest questions was Kim Hargreaves’ Concertina Kid Soft pattern leaflet. Susan B, Janet l, Luisa, Linda, Kim. Leslie , Christine C and Jacki were all correct.  If I have missed anyone out, please email me!

The second question is : Can you think of six words that are pronounced differently in the UK and US, I am going to give you the first letter of each word:







Answers by midnight Sunday to with Pronunciation as the subject.

It has been warm here again and Jackson spent most of the day rolling on the lawn in the sun along with Slip. Tomorrow I go to the hairdressers and do some grocery shopping.  Then we go to Smith’s at 6.15pm.  It is a half hour drive – I think Steve is taking us.

Must dash as I have zillions of emails to answer!

March 21st

A Handknit Romance by Jennie Atkinson arrived today.  There are some very pretty beaded and lace projects in it – I will put it in my shop tomorrow.  Today’s deal of Day is 10% off Debbie Bliss Baby Cashmerino.

We went to the lake again today and Slip had a swim – it was a warm day and I nearly fell asleep in the car.  On Saturday we are taking Kevin, Joanne, Steve and Lynne out for a meal as a thank you for looking after Slip.

Jake and Drusilla have re-appeared. They are a pair of wild mallard ducks that only ever appear in Spring.  My neighbour has a very overgrown pond in his garden and  I think they nest there. They appear at 5.30 pm each evening on the dot and tap the patio door until I take them some bread.  Jackson tried to ambush them by hiding under a low bush but they saw him.  Not surprising really – he yells the whole time even though he is hiding!   We also have a pair of pheasants in the garden.

Answers for the first round of the contest to be in by midnight Pacific time today please.

Going to knit now……still doing Ash in KSH!

March 19th

It was a nice sunny Spring day here today. Jackson has been out most of the time – rabbiting again.  I seem to have cleared the fleas. We took Slip to the fishing lake today and she had a swim.  I think they have both forgotten about us abandoning them.

Now for the new contest.  The prize is 5 balls of Debbie Bliss Baby Cashmerino in the winner’s choice of colour (s). First question:  Where would you find Anna, Faye, Sasha and Jade together?  Answer to with contest as subject please.

I shall be having some very special one day offers soon – be sure to check the Deal of the Day everyday so that you do not miss out!

All the laundry is done and so I feel almost back to normal.  I sometimes wonder if it is worth going away!

March 17th

Sorry not to have written before – I have been rushed off my feet. Jackson has been a bad cat catching baby rabbits and coming home covered in fleas. I have had to comb him and have now bought some stuff to kill any still residing on him!

Here are some pics from Jamaica:

View from the breakfast bar


Beautiful Negril Beach


Pool and Hot Tub

I did enjoy the holiday but don’t think I want to go again.  Somehow the appeal of having anything and everything to eat and drink available for 24 hours faded as the week went on! Also I had a burning pain under my breastbone which really hurt and made me miserable. Most probably too much tequila!

The food was good – curried goat, jerk pork and chicken, giant shrimp, lobster, steak, masses of tropical fruits and strange vegetables. The desserts were beautiful – tartlets, gateaux, meringues, eclairs and cup cakes in loads of flavours.  I liked the jerk chicken and rice and also the pasta dishes.  I mainly drank champagne and orange juice, white wine, margaritas and something called a Negril Stinger which is half rum and half Tia Maria!  There is a big list of cocktails on all the bars but a lot of them are too sweet for me.

Rowan are discontinuing all Colourscape Chunky and so I am offering my remaining stock at a reduced price. I am also offer 3 Jannette’s Rare Yarns shawl pins for the price of two – mix and match.

I have added a translate feature to the site whereby you can select your language and it will appear.

I am starting a new contest on Monday – I should be back to normal by then. One more load of washing to do!  Back tomorrow!


March 15th

I am back!!  It was a long journey home and I feel a bit dis-orientated.  We are going to collect Jackson in a moment. Slip was waiting for us but she had obviously been upset as she had tried to dig her way under the bedroom door. I expect she thought we were in there. She had scratched at the carpet and there were piles of fluff everywhere.  She is OK now and I am cooking her some pork for a treat.

My main priority right now is to get all orders dispatched.  I will write a full report on Jamaica tomorrow and upload some photos! I am tired right now and need to have a bath and wash my hair.  My hair was a nightmare -I can see a definite advantage to having either very short or long hair, not jaw length like mine!  The humidity made it poke and my straighteners would not work!  I had to blow dry it every night with the hotel hairdryer which was not powerful enough to dry a bumble bee’s wings!  Then as soon as I went outside, the humidity got to work and it was poking again. I gave up in the end.

Now I must go and fetch Jackson – back tomorrow.