April 30th

Sorry to be behind, I have been busy catching up with the washing that John brought back from Ireland.  At last the rain has stopped and the sun is shining.

I received correct answers for the word search from Jacki, Joan, Luzia, Susan B, Kessa, Donna, Theresa and Kessa.  Special praise to Luzia for managing to find them in what ( to her ) is a foreign language.  The next puzzle is a cryptogram:


Answer to jannette@easynet.co.uk by Wednesday midnight please.

No deliveries yet today but I think Indigo and Studio 27 should come.  I am also waiting for a delivery from Jamieson.

I found some copies of the Rowan Kidsilk Aura collection that I did not know I had and so I have put them in my shop. I had forgotten how nice the designs are!

Going to iron now! Back tomorrow.

April 28th

Kim Hargreaves Indigo

Indigo by Kim Hargreaves

Kim Hargreave’s Indigo is on the way to me together with Rowan Studio #27.  They may come on Monday.

I have wriggled my way out of the frightening drive to the airport – Steve is going to collect John and bring him home!  I breathed a sigh of relief!

More rain today and even heavier showers forecast for tomorrow.

We are going out tonight to eat, not sure where yet.

I have signed up with Pinterest – my boards are here. If anyone wants an invite to join, just email me and I will invite you.

Going to have a last today up as John will be back within an hour.  Oh, there is a photo of one of his fish here – see post #282.

Back tomorrow!

April 27th

Just heard from John and he has caught a 10lb Salmon this morning.  He released it as he would be charged excess baggage if he brought it home – he will be over weight with the first salmon as it is!

For once it is not raining but it is very windy. I have been shopping and walked Slip twice.  Jackson is out somewhere, doubtless with his head down a rabbit hole.

John’s flight lands at 3.30 tomorrow afternoon – I am dreading driving to the airport to collect him, I must try not to think about it!

Going to cook a chicken for Slip now – back later.

April 24th

Rowan Studio 27

Rowan Studio #27 and Kim Hargreave’s Indigo will be with me very soon. I hear tell they are now in Germany and so just have to ship to the UK.

Kessa is the winner of the Bouquet contest – you can see the results by clicking 

I will start a new contest tomorrow.

We went to the airport at 5.45 am this morning and I drove home via the scenic route. But it was not trouble free!!  It was raining off and on and I put the windscreen wipers on as I was going along. Suddenly I found that the car would not accelerate!  Then I noticed a message on the dashboard “Cruise Control set at 32 mph”. When I had put the wipers on, I must have touched the cruise control lever!  I had no idea how to make it go out of cruise control and so I pulled into a gateway. I decided that if I turned the engine right off and then re-started it, maybe the cruise control would go away.  It did!  I have bought the manual indoors and I am going to read about cruise control tonight!

I arrived home and took Slip out. It was very wet and so I put my Wellington boots and over trousers on and we set off round the rape field.  Oh no! Both of my Wellingtons were leaking – really leaking – my feet were making squishing noises.  I shall have to buy a new pair tomorrow.

April 26th

We have had so much rain here!  I bought my new wellington boots and now have dry feet but that is about all.  Walking Slip is no fun – she gets soaked and then shakes and soaks me.

John just telephoned and he has caught an 8 lb salmon and so is pleased. It is very windy where he is and he said that fishing was hard work.

Now, the new contest – a word search!  But first, I have just realised that I did not publish the post with the last winner in – please see April 24th post!  Sorry, I had saved it in draft mode and forgot to publish!

There are 9 words related to knitting in the square below – they could be knitting terms, or types of knitting – there are no designers or yarn company names.  That is all the help I am giving – no list of words for you to find. Words can be read in any direction

Answers to jannette@easynet.co.uk with Word Search as subject by midnight Saturday this week.  Prize?  2 balls of Filatura di Crosa in winner’s choice of colour(2).