May 21st

Sorry I did not get back yesterday! Jacki, Theresa and Joan all solved the last puzzle. The answer is One swallow does not make a summer. For the next round we will have a Fallen Phrase puzzle.

A fallen phrase puzzle shows the spaces for a statement or phrase. The letters are directly below the column in which they will fit, but jumbled within the column. What does it say?! There are full stops that are shown in the correct places – sorry it is rather small. Answers to with Contest as subject line by midnight Wednesday please.

Rowan’s Just Baby arrived today but not the Baby Merino Silk DK, it is due on June 4th.  Other than that, I don’t think there will be much new until August.

We are going to the fishing lake now to let Slip have a swim and so that I can see the Mandarin duck family. They are so cute. Jackson is in bed after some serious rabbit catching. I managed to rescue one and it hopped off OK. I shut Jackson inside so that he could not go after it, he watched from the window sill and yelled and yelled!!

Back tomorrow.


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