May 23rd

I have finished my Ash Kidsilk Haze cardigan!!  Ready to wear!  I have started a new project. It is the Moss Stitch Jacket with Collar from Debbie Bliss Amalfi and I am using shade #16 which is a lightish denim blue.  I like Amalfi -it has a nice dry feel.

Yesterday afternoon Jackson suddenly started screaming and rolling on the floor tossing his head from side to side. He was pawing at his mouth and would not let me near him. This went on for about 10 minutes – it was horrible to watch.  I knew that it meant he had eaten something which could not get down his restricted throat and it was hurting.  It must have eventually gone down and he was quiet.  What could he have eaten?  A mouse? No, the truth was revealed when I went into the kitchen.  I had cooked some pork shops for Slip and left them on the worktop to cool.  One had been removed from the baking tray and a chunk was missing. Jackson had stolen it. I suppose he fancies meat and other goodies – his dry biscuits must get very boring. But anything else causes problems so dry biscuits it is!

Nothing much to report on the yarn front.  I am expecting some Addi Lace Needle sets with extra long points and also other needles.  Also some Manos del Uruguay Lace yarns.

I am going to take Slip out for a walk now as John has taken his car to have something done to the head gasket.  Back tomorrow.



2 thoughts on “May 23rd

  1. I have knitted it, I love the pattern and it is really comfortable to wear. Don’tt make it longer than the pattern as I did, as it does stretches after finishing.

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