May 25th

Ash card by Kim Hargreaves in Rowan KSH Dewberry

Here is my Ash cardi – it is not easy to photograph, it really needs a body inside!  But I am pleased with it and will wear  it over summer dresses.  Speaking of summer, it is very warm here now.

Yesterday we went to the seaside for a shellfish lunch.  I had crab and John had cockles and shrimps. We took Slip which turned out to be a bad idea. We could not leave her in the car whilst we had lunch as it was too hot. We took her with us and were able to sit outside to eat but she was not a good dog – constantly on the lookout for any food going by and trying to scrounge from other diners.   Today I put some scraps out for the birds – 2 tortillas, some red pepper and some potato wedges and, by the time, I had got back indoors, she had eaten the lot!

Jackson is much better, back to his wicked self!  He likes to stand in a big bowl of water that we have put in the garden for the two ducks that visit everyday. He stands in it and it comes up to his tummy, He is a strange cat!

Nothing much else to report. Hairdressers tomorrow and maybe some new clothes – I shall see!


One thought on “May 25th

  1. Oh I love the colour of Ash! Looks beautiful J.
    Poor Slip, sounds like he just wants to enjoy himself. Much the same as Jackson!
    New clothes sounds like a great idea to me … enjoy!

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