May 26th

Whoops! I forgot to update the contest!  Joan, Jacki and Theresa all solved the fallen phrase – the answer was “Knitting needles are sized in three ways.  Old English, metric and US.  This can be confusing as the numbers used for each size are completely different.”  Here is another fallen phrase:

Answers to by Monday midnight please.

I have been to the hairdresser this morning and done my grocery shopping. We having an Indian takeaway tonight and going to eat in the garden as it is a lovely day. England are playing Norway at football at 7.45 pm and so we shall eat before and then watch the game.

Tomorrow I am cooking roast beef, roast potatoes, runner beans, butter beans and stuffed onions, followed by brandy snaps baskets filled with raspberries and cream.  Got to go and make the baskets now. They are somewhat fiddly to do.  I bake circles of the mixture and then shape them round the bottom of a jar whilst they are still malleable when they first come out of the oven. If I am not quick, they set before I have moulded them and I have to re-heat them!   Here goes……..!


One thought on “May 26th

  1. Impressive cooking! I made a union jack centred Battenburg cake today, featured as a Jubilee cake in the Times recently. Sadly mine did not look as good as the picture in the paper but it tasted yummy!!

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