May 28th

Not feeling too good today.  I woke up in the night with a gnawing pain behind my breastbone.  I bought some Gaviscon tablets  when I went shopping this morning and it does help if I chew them. But the pain comes back again.

We took John’s car to have a part fitted this morning.  The garage is at Hertford which is about 14 miles away. We had to leave it for 2 hours and so we walked into the town…..about 20 minutes in the searing heat. We walked along by the river which was nice – lots of baby ducks, geese and swans. Then we went into a pub by the river and I had a glass of wine…….pain immediately came back.  I chewed more Gaviscon and it went away.  We went back to collect the car….oh, no, they had ordered the wrong part.  We have to go back again tomorrow.

My brother telephoned and he and his wife are coming for coffee on Thursday morning on their way to visit some friends.  I shall have to do a spider hunt before they come.

I received some more Artesano Hummingbird today. I will put it in my shop tomorrow.  I am going to have a bath now and then a glass of wine and see if the pain comes back!



One thought on “May 28th

  1. Jannette, perhaps you should make an appointment with your doctor immediately. Heart attack symptoms in women are, many times, very different than in men, and women sometimes think the pain is due to gastric distress.

    Mary, Queen of Oil

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