May 19th

I have been to the hairdresser this morning and so I am ready to go to Smiths for dinner tonight. I have been looking at the menu and trying to decide what to have! Maybe the Lobster and Tiger Prawn cocktail to start with and then the Jumbo Tiger Prawns Pan Fried with Garlic Chilli Butter and Herbs or should I go for the Lobster Thermidor?  I think John will have a steak.

I saw two swallows flying round today and I am hoping they will nest in an open-fronted shed we have.  A blackbird is nesting in there and has babies. We have had to move everything so that Jackson cannot climb up to the nest.

There is a new book for Rowan Tweed coming in August. Called Tweed, it has 16 designs by Marie Wallin and uses Fine, DK and the new Aran Tweed. There are both one colour and multi coloured patterned designs – I like this book!

Now I must go and press my Kidsilk Haze Ash before sewing it up – yes, I have finished it and it took exactly the correct amount of balls – I just have enough left to sew up with and knit the tie.  Back tomorrow.


May 17th

Now I will tell you about the new shades that Rowan are introducing into current ranges.  The mood seems to be oranges, yellows and mauves for this summer.

Pure Wool Aran – a deep yellow, an orange and a sky blue

Pure Wool DK – deep yellow, tan and a softish mauve

Cashsoft DK – deep yellow, orange, salmon and bright mauve

Kidsilk Haze – yellow, jade green, very pale mauve and pale grey

Wool Cotton – bright mauve, yellow, orange and a lavender blue

Kid Classic – yellow, lime, pale green and pale blue

Felted Tweed – bright mauve, an olive yellow, a greenish faw

Lima – yellow, rose pink , violet and a mid blue

Cocoon – mauve and sea green

Big Wool – yellow and deep lime

Alpaca Chunky – 4 new shades in greys and fawns and browns

Drift –  old rose and  green and ecru twist

Renew – a greenish grey and a mauve twist

All 3 contestants found the phrase which was Kidsilk Haze. Here is the next question.  Answers to by Saturday midnight please.

Have fun!  Back tomorrow

May 16th

Today has been rather hectic.  John and I went to Cambridge today.  It is our wedding anniversary on Saturday and he said he wanted to buy me a present.  I was fully expecting something like an iron or vacuum cleaner and was somewhat surprised when he marched me to a jewellery shop.  He said he wanted to buy me an eternity ring!  I do wish he had warned as my nail polish needed renewing. So there we were, locked in this expensive shop with trays of rings before me.  I have chosen a simple band with 14 diamonds. It has to be made to measure and so I have to go back in 3 weeks to try the band on before the diamonds are attached.

I fully intended to tell you about the new shades in existing Rowan yarns but I simply have not time.  The postman is due shortly and I still have to tie up the sacks and do the docket. Then there is ironing to do and Slip’s dinner to cook – I will make time tomorrow!

May 15th

Just Baby

Rowan Just Baby

I have put Rowan Just Baby in my store along with the new Rowan Baby Merino Silk DK.  They are pre-order for June delivery.

The Rowan rep came today.  Where to start? There is so much!  New yarns are Rowan Tumble, Frost, Kidsilk Haze Trio, Rowan Tweed Aran and British Sheep Breeds Fine Boucle.

Tumble is a super chunky yarn that is very light . It is 90% Alpaca and 10% Cotton and knits on US #17 needles. There is a book to accompany it.

Frost is Viscose and Alpaca blend. It is variegated and has a metallic sheen. Knits as Aran on US #8 needles.

Kidsilk Haze is three strands of Kidsilk Haze in toning colours spun together. There are 6 shades and  it knits on US #9 needles.

Rowan Tweed Aran is the Aran weight of Rowan Tweed in 12 of the shades that are in the Fine and DK ranges.

British Sheep Breeds Fine Boucle is a lightweight version of British Sheep Breeds Boucle in 4 shades.

Other highlights are Rowan Kidsilk Creation Stripe – the same shades as Rowan Kidsilk Haze Stripe.  6 new shades of Kidsilk Haze Stripe and loads more which I will reveal tomorrow.

Back then!


May 14th

Another wet day here.  We went for the Chinese meal on Saturday. There were no crabs and so I ordered prawns and cashew nuts in yellow bean sauce but they brought me chicken. I could to be bothered to complain and so ate it. It was nice.  We did not make the mistake of ordering too many dishes.

The answer to the contest is that you would find a fish, a crab and a lion in the signs of the zodiac…nothing more devious than that!  All three remaining contestants were correct. Now for a Double Puzzle:

Unscramble each word and take the letters that appear in the  boxes with circles in and unscramble them for the final message. Answers by midnight Wednesday to with Scramble as the subject please.

The Rowan rep is coming tomorrow afternoon – I wonder what there will be?!  I think ( and this is pure speculation ) there will be an Aran or Chunky version of Rowan Tweed. And possibly a 4 ply version of Felted Tweed.  Discontinueds – hard to call – maybe Drift or British Sheep Breeds?  All will be revealed tomorrow!

Going to pack more parcels now – back tomorrow.

May 12th

Debbie Bliss WInter Garden

These are designs from the Debbie Bliss Winter Garden pattern book. I was not overly keen on this yarn but maybe it looks better knitted up than in the hank.

Louisa Harding has two new yarns, Orielle, which is 97% Baby Alpaca and 3% Stellina, and Elva which I do not have any information about!  I did see samples and I seem to remember they were both sparkly.  In her existing ranges there are 8 new shades of Simonetta, 4 new Grace, 8 new Grace Hand Beaded and 6 new Grace Hand Dyed.

Louisa’s husband, Stephen, is recovering from cancer and Louisa is trying to raise money for Macmillan Cancer Support who have been a tremendous help during this difficult time. Louisa is going to Nepal in November on a trek to raise funds.  If you would like to help, take a read here

We are going for a Chinese tonight – but not to the one where the soft shelled crabs are – pity!!  Back tomorrow.

May 10th

Now to the new Noro!  There are 3 introductions. Mossa which is a re-incarnation of Blossom, Kirara which is a 4 Ply and Haniwa which is DK. I ordered some Haniwa which is in nice earthy shades but I did not order the other two as they were VERY bright!  There is a new book from Jane Ellison and a new World of Nature.  Also a Noro magazine in the style of the Debbie Bliss magazine. This will be available next month.

Furin, Kochoran and Kureyon Sock are totally discontinued and there are discontinued shades of  Kureyon, Silk Garden, Silk Garden Sock and Kogarashi with new shades to replace the discontinues.  There are also new shades of Kama.

Jacki, Theresa and Joan were all correct with their answers for the contest.  Next question for them:

Where would you find a fish, a crab and a lion?  Answers to by midnight Saturday please.

My natural undyed yarn arrived today.  It came in hanks and so I had to skein it all and put labels on – very time consuming.  I will put some in my shop tomorrow.

Still wet here.  Jackson has been in most of the time, he only had one muddy episode that necessitated towelling him off!

Going to knit now,  Back tomorrow