July 23rd

I have a headache today and feel under the weather.  It is hot – Jackson and Slip are stretched out on the kitchen floor where it is cool!

Now the contest!  Janet, Jacki, Mary, Theresa, Maureen, Susan and Christine all found 25 or more words – my head is reeling from reading the lists!

Next round!

Think of an eight-letter word that is a method of cookings. The letters of this word can be rearranged to make two four-letter words, both of them names of  herbs. What are these words?

Answers to jannette@easynet.co.uk with herbs as the subject!   Send by midnight Wednesday please.

The Designer Yarns Bolero scarf yarn will be here on Wednesday – no hope of smuggling unless it rains and John goes fishing for the day!

We are going to take Slip for a swim now!  Back tomorrow.

One thought on “July 23rd

  1. The heat is a bit if a shock isn’t it?! I still haven’t got over the fact that you weigh so little – where did all those tasty puddings go…?

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