July 25th

Sorry, I have been feeling a bit under the weather. It is extremely hot here and it does not help when you do not feel well.

Yesterday I was trapped in the supermarket!  All the tills stopped working. After an age, the manager issued each cashier with a scanner and calculator. She had to scan the items to get the prices and then add them up on the calculator. It took for ever. They could not take cash as they could not open the tills to get change. I was paying by card and so it did not matter.  After about half an hour I was eventually scanned and added up and done.  At the exit I was given a £5 voucher compensation

We went out for a drink last night and someone came into the pub to say one of the tyres on John’s Jaguar was flat as a pancake.  John went and looked and there was a screw in the tread. Luckily another customer had an electric pump and John pumped it up and it got us home.

My Brooklyn Tweed patterns are delayed in Customs – I have paid the import duty and so they should come any day now.

Must go as I have late parcels to pack!  Back tomorrow

One thought on “July 25th

  1. One of those days, Jannette.Same thing here.Very hot. Looking after my five year old grandson – first accident – got his finger trapped, bruised and cut on a rusty fieldgate catch – second accident – he got stung by a bee.
    Not our day, was it.

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