July 28th

Jackson shows a leg!

Today has been the day of the lost keys!  I went shopping and came home and wanted to go and get some yarn out of one of my sheds. John and I both have a set of keys and his were on the kitchen table but no sign of mine.  He was out and so I used his set thinking that mine were in a coat pocket.  They were not. I had to start a massive search – laundry basket, washing machine, bedroom floor, tables, desks and down the sides of chairs….no keys.

I dreaded John coming back as sooner or later he would ask where my keys were.  The missing whistle has not reared its head in the last 24 hours but missing keys wouldl revive the whistle problem!

He came back and I went outside to speak and what did I see?  The keys were hanging from a lock on another shed!!  I but have left them in there yesterday!  They are now safely in my back pocket.

We are going out to eat tonight and then coming back to watch the Olympics. I enjoyed the opening ceremony but thought that some of it would have been a bit obscure for foreign people!

I now realise I have lost my tape measure – it is a special miniature of a carpenter’s tape measure and I have had it for years. I wonder where it can be..off on another hunt!  Back tomorrow.

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