July 28th

Another fruitless search today!  I took some photos of balls of Rowan Kidsilk Haze Trio and, on looking at the shade card, I saw that I had not photographed Loganberry. I went back to my store to get a pack and – guess what – I could not find any!  Herculean hunt – no sign.  On checking my delivery note from Rowan, I find that I did not order any! No wonder I cannot find it. Actually, this is a mistake by the Rowan rep as I told her I wanted all colours. Not to worry, I will order some tomorrow.

I made some coffee and cream muffins yesterday – John liked them. Today I am cooking pork chops with roast potatoes, runner beans, stuffed onions, braised celery and carrots and butter beans. I am going to make a black currant fool for dessert.

Not much other news – just hope I don’t lose anything else. I found my little tape measure – it had fallen off my desk into a shoe. No sign of the whistle tho’!  Back tomorrow.


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