July 21st

Shellfish Platter for dinner tonight!

I collected the shellfish platter this morning and shall serve it with a salad and crusty bread. I have also made a pear and almond tart but that is for lunch tomorrow. Yesterday I made almond, coconut and blackberry muffins.  I like baking – there is something satisfying about it! Maybe I should give up selling yarn and take up baking in a big way!

John is due home at 4.0pm. He has not caught any fish despite fishing from dawn to dusk!  I have had a good vacuuming and washed the porch floor and dusted!  It is a lovely sunny day today. Jackson is in the greenhouse napping. He presented me with a mouse a little while ago – dead!

Rowan Studio #27 should come next week and I think the new DB magazine is nearly due.

Now I am going to take Slip out and water the greenhouse!  Back tomorrow.


July 19th.

The answer to the snowflake questions was “D” and correct answers were received from Christine, Mary, Fiona, Theresa, Maureen, Susan, Janet and Jacki.  Here is the next question:

How many words can you make from the letters in the wheel? Each word
must contain the hub letter N. Can you find a 9-letter word and at least 25
other words of four letters or more avoiding proper nouns?
Send your list with hub words as the subject to jannette@easynet.co.uk by midnight Sunday please.
Now a bit of news – not that I can take credit for it. Jacki emailed me about this – I had not heard of it:
Kidsilk Haze Glamour . It is Kidsilk Haze with small sequins along the length of the yarn.
Kid Silk Haze Glamour
Apparently it is due in October!
John has telephoned several times but they are not very satisfactory conversations as he is in a boat with Kevin and every so often the conversation is interrupted by him saying “Fish on your left. Kev” or “Several fish under that bush, Kev”.  Not a “I am missing you” sort of exchange!
It has not rained today. When I took Slip for a walk this morning around the lupin field, a dog appeared. No one with it. Slip is in season and so I was rather worried.  She was not in the least bit interested in the dog’s overtures and I managed to make her hurry up and we left him behind. It was a Cocker
Now I must take her out again and hope there are no dogs!  Back tomorrow.

July 18th

Five gigantic boxes arrived this afternoon – all the new Debbie Bliss yarns and books. The courier just dumped them on the front door step and I had to wheel each one across to my warehouse in a wheel barrow – I am worn to a frazzle. Now I have to photograph a ball of each shade – I have done the Party Angel but that is all. It is pouring with rain again – I cannot face doing anymore  today!

John and Kevin have moved to a lake as the river is flooded – J. will telephone me this evening.

I have purchased the Wonderweb but have not yet had time to use it.  I am going to have a crab salad and a rest now – moving big boxes is very tiring! Still, it is a good thing John is away – excellent smuggling time!  Back tomorrow.

July 17th

Some of the new Debbie Bliss yarns will be here tomorrow – I do not know which ones, Designer Yarns just left a message to say they were shipping some. There may be some books too!  Just as well John is away, I can smuggle them in!

Brooklyn Tweed Peabody Sweater – Pattern due this week!

My order of Brooklyn Tweed patterns is held up at Customs in the UK. But they should be here this week.

John left at 5.30am. He has telephoned me – it is raining heavily and he has had to buy a new wading jacket as his leaks!  He will call me again later tonight.

I went shopping and bought a pair of trousers only to find they are long length – I need regular. I shall shorten them using Wonderweb – that stuff you iron on! I could no more hem a trouser leg than fly to the moon. Even threading needle is a herculean task for me!

Now I must take Slip out for her walk – for once it is not raining!!  Back tomorrow

July 16th

Tuliptree Handmade Buttons Now in Stock!

The Tuliptree buttons have arrived and they are gorgeous.  I have about 20 in total and will put them in my shop over the next few days. No sign of Rowan Magazine #52 yet….I fully expected it to be here by now but I have know things come as late as 6.0pm.

The answers to the last question were Graham Greene and Agatha Christie.  Fiona, Janet, Theresa, Mary, Christine, Susan, Maureen, Kath and Jacki were all correct.  Next question for them is:

The folded cutout in the upper left can be unfolded to make only one of these paper snowflakes (A-E). Which one is it?

Answers by midnight Wednesday to jannette@easynet.co.uk with Snowflake as subject

John is getting ready to go to Ireland at 5.30 am tomorrow. Kevin is collecting him in a taxi and so I am pleased that I do not have to tackle the roundabout at the crack of dawn.  They will be back on Saturday afternoon and Joanne will pick them up – I have escaped driving duty!

Must dash as I have to pack for John and also feed Slip.  Back tomorrow.

July 15th

First, a plea for help!  Has anyone got a copy of Rowan Magazine #1 – the very first issue?  If so, could you look and see if there is a pattern for a cabled skirt in it, please?

I have some new clay buttons coming. They are hand made and very attractive. Several are single, large buttons that will look nice as a statement on a jacket,


I have made a gooseberry custard tart for lunch today. We are having roast pork, roast potatoes, runner beans ( from the garden ), celery, carrots, stuffing, yorkshire pudding and chipolatas!

Oh, John and Kevin are going to Ireland fishing on Tuesday or Wednesday – I am hoping Kevin’s wife will take them to the airport!!

Must get on – back tomorrow.


July 14th

Rowan Studio 28

A Sneak Peak at Rowan Studio #28 – due this month

Another wet day here.  I went to the hairdressers but might as well not have bothered!  It was pouring and my hair does not like the damp!

We are eating in tonight – chicken breasts stuffed with ricotta cheese and spinach with cauliflower cheese and potato cakes. Then we shall go out for a drink.

I have put the new Rowan Frost and Rowan Kidsilk Haze Trio in my store.  I will take photos of actual balls when they arrive but, for the moment, it is just photos of the shade cards.

We are going to take Slip swimming now even though it is raining – I shall stay in the car.  Back tomorrow!