August 31st

Kim Hargreaves Quirky

Kim Hargreaves Quirky

Kim Hargreave’s Quirky has arrived. Nice designs – nothing too outlandish.  I was thinking it is strange how different designers use completely different types of model. Louisa’s are always very glamorous and young whereas Kim’s are more “the girl next door” type.

Hmm! Last night John asked me what I want for my birthday. I said that I did not know and he did not pursue the point.  Could that mean Bengal kitten / flights to Jamaica are in the bag? Or could it mean he does not care?  He did buy me two large bunches of lilies today – hope that is not it!  All will be revealed tomorrow. I am having my hair washed and blow dried and am trying to decide whether to have some cut off.  It is below my jaw and I wonder if it would be easier to cope with if it was at bottom of ear length?  It is really high maintenance at the moment! On the other hand, if I let it grow at bit longer I will be able to tie it up which would be ideal in tropical climates!  Dreaming again.

I am going to cook chicken in black bean sauce now and then we are going out for a drink.  Back tomorrow

August 30th

Another wet day here.  John and Slip have gone fishing and Jackson is in his hammock sleeping the day away. He caught another rat last night and so is forgiven for shredding a roll of toilet paper!

I received 4 correct answers for the last contest question. The word search revealed shades of Rowan Fine Tweed and Fiona, Kessa, Susan W and Theresa were all correct Here is the next question: The letters of the phrase Muscle Strain can be rearranged to make a three-letter word, a four-letter word, and a five-letter word, all of them terms you might hear in a weather report – what are the three words? Answers to with Muscle Strain as the subject by midnight Saturday.

It is my birthday on Saturday. Strangely, John has not asked me what I would like – he normally does as he is hopeless with present ideas.  He has not forgotten as he has booked a table for dinner at the Sword Inn Hand.  Could it be he has a surprise for me ?  A Bengal kitten or tickets to Jamaica?  Sadly, I think not but I can dream!

Got to pack more parcels now and brave the rain.  Back tomorrow.

August 28th

Things are not going well today.

I ordered a pack of Grace Hand Beaded Silk in shade #03 as I owe a customer 3 skeins.  It arrived, paperwork was correct but the yarn was #05 and so I have had to send it back. Then I have a customer in the Far East who is saying that I sent her Knit Pro Special Needle Tips instead of the regular ones.  This is not possible as the sizes she bought do not come in the Special Sizes – ugh! where is the nearest gas oven?!

Jackson has been a bad boy – he is systematically unweaving Slip’s wicker basket.  He gets hold of a piece and pulls and pushes it until it comes loose and then he bites it off!  Slip has also been bad!  I found a lot of earth on the hall carpet.  Loose earth, not mud.  Then I noticed a dreadful smell coming from the dining room.  Slip had dug up a bone she buried months ago and brought it inside.  It reeked!  John took it away and it has gone in the dustbin which has just been emptied.

Nothing to report on the yarn front.  No sign of Kim’s new book. It says it will ship on August 21 but obviously that is not the case.

I am going to cook some sausages for Slip’s dinner now – not that she deserves them!  Back tomorrow.

August 26th

I have had several requests for the low fat Banana and Date Muffin recipe and so here it is:

215g plan four

2 tsp baking powder

5 tbsp caster sugar

2 egg whites

2 ripe bananas sliced

75g readys to eat stoned dried dates chopped

4 tbsp skimmed milk

5 tbsp maple syrup


Preheat the oven to 200 C / gas mark 6

Sift together the flour and baking powder and add the sugar – mix together

In a separate bowl whisk the egg whites. Mash the sliced bananas on a plate and add to egg whites. Add the dates, milk and maple syrup.

Make a well in the centre of the dry ingredients and pour in the liquid ones. Stir gently to combine – do not over mix.

Spoon into a muffin tin or paper cases. Bake for 20-25 minutes until well rein, golden and firm.

Eat now or transfer to a wire rack to cool!


The answer to the last contest was Easy Winter Knits and Jacki, Theresa, Fiona, Janet, Susan W and Kessa were correct.

Now we will have a word search.  There are 16 shades of a Rowan yarn hidden in the block. Can you find them?  I will give you a clue and say that they are all one word names.  Letters may be used more than once and the words can read in any direction.  Answers to jannette@ by midnight Wednesday with Shades as the subject matter.

G S I H U R X V M S H B T N Y 
W G E E Y V I Y A X T U Y Y I 
I M I T I Y G C L S E C Z E F 
V S W R T J L B H L E K Y L C 
J J C E K L U I A M R D T S Q 
D F J D A S E O M A O E N N O 
J Z E V Y J A A W N P N S E V 
N O T P I K S E W A H P D W X 
L I T T O N L Z P U P A A T O 
J U O E R E E E K H F B Z N J 
U B Y D Y L N A N A W C E R L 
Z X D B A D P V V Q Y D X T V 
C I U D L L X H G N E D B H M 
N R E E A R N C L I F F E Q N 
N B J G Q V P F Y O A R T S Z 

I am cooking lunch and way behind - I must get on, back tomorrow.


August 25th

Louisa Harding’s Mister Magpie and Sorella pattern books are now available for pre-order in my store. As always, the designs are very pretty but I wonder if anyone actually knits and wears them?  I quite often see people in sweaters that I can recognise as being Kaffe Fassett or Kim Hargreaves or Debbie Bliss designs but I have never seen anyone wearing one of Louisa’s.

Raining here today. We are not going out to eat. I am cooking roasted monkfish on a bed of onions. I have made lots of little slashes in the fish and put a sliver of garlic in each cut. I am serving with sauté potatoes and runner beans. I have also made some fat free banana and date muffins.  John is starting to put on weight eating all my baking and so I thought I would go the far free route for this batch.

We still have not found out what the mysterious noise in the loft was and I have not heard it again but I know I did not imagine it!

Time to feed Jackson and Slip – back tomorrow,