August 22nd

I am back from our lunch with Lawrence and Mary and feeling rather grouchy.  This is because 1 had 2 glasses of wine, a crayfish, prawn and avocado cocktail and roast chicken in a stilton and mustard sauce with sauté potatoes.  The men had whitebait to start with and then John had the same chicken as me, Mary had chicken goujons to start and both she and Lawrence had salmon fishcakes for their main course.  I feel full and sleepy!

Another reason why I fell tired is because of the noises in the night. I woke up at 2.0am and could hear a noise.  First of all I thought it was rain and s went to look…no,not raining. Then I wondered if it was something to do with the cylinder in the loft and so I woke John up.  He went to look and said there was nothing wrong and to go to sleep. But I could still hear this noise.  It was like a scrabbling, rustling sound and seemed to be coming from above my head.  John could not hear it but that is not to be wondered at as he is quite deaf through shooting.  I eventually went to sleep. We have decided it could be mice in the loft and so have set some traps. If not mice, then it could be bats or even a owl on the roof.  So I am tired today.

Contest : the answer is they are all sahdes of Rowan Fine Lace..Cobweb, Cameo, Antique and Porcelain. Theresa, Jacki, Janet, Fiona, Kessa and Susan W were correct. Next part : What could I buy in order  to enjoy Fizzy, Bubbly and Sushi?   Answers to with Enjoy as the subject by midnight Saturday please.

Going to have a rest now and a drink of water!  Back tomorrow.


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