August 25th

Louisa Harding’s Mister Magpie and Sorella pattern books are now available for pre-order in my store. As always, the designs are very pretty but I wonder if anyone actually knits and wears them?  I quite often see people in sweaters that I can recognise as being Kaffe Fassett or Kim Hargreaves or Debbie Bliss designs but I have never seen anyone wearing one of Louisa’s.

Raining here today. We are not going out to eat. I am cooking roasted monkfish on a bed of onions. I have made lots of little slashes in the fish and put a sliver of garlic in each cut. I am serving with sauté potatoes and runner beans. I have also made some fat free banana and date muffins.  John is starting to put on weight eating all my baking and so I thought I would go the far free route for this batch.

We still have not found out what the mysterious noise in the loft was and I have not heard it again but I know I did not imagine it!

Time to feed Jackson and Slip – back tomorrow,


One thought on “August 25th

  1. Your mysterious noise could well be a stone marten, they can make quike some noise and unfortunately are difficult to get rid of. In my country (the Netherlands) they are protected animals but if my dog catches them they will be killed and that is not against the law.
    Concerning your remarks about Louisa Harding designs: at the moment I am quite close to finishing one of her designs from the Mulberry collection (a sweater design I quite like and intend to wear) and perhaps I’m not the only one.

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