August 28th

Things are not going well today.

I ordered a pack of Grace Hand Beaded Silk in shade #03 as I owe a customer 3 skeins.  It arrived, paperwork was correct but the yarn was #05 and so I have had to send it back. Then I have a customer in the Far East who is saying that I sent her Knit Pro Special Needle Tips instead of the regular ones.  This is not possible as the sizes she bought do not come in the Special Sizes – ugh! where is the nearest gas oven?!

Jackson has been a bad boy – he is systematically unweaving Slip’s wicker basket.  He gets hold of a piece and pulls and pushes it until it comes loose and then he bites it off!  Slip has also been bad!  I found a lot of earth on the hall carpet.  Loose earth, not mud.  Then I noticed a dreadful smell coming from the dining room.  Slip had dug up a bone she buried months ago and brought it inside.  It reeked!  John took it away and it has gone in the dustbin which has just been emptied.

Nothing to report on the yarn front.  No sign of Kim’s new book. It says it will ship on August 21 but obviously that is not the case.

I am going to cook some sausages for Slip’s dinner now – not that she deserves them!  Back tomorrow.


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