August 30th

Another wet day here.  John and Slip have gone fishing and Jackson is in his hammock sleeping the day away. He caught another rat last night and so is forgiven for shredding a roll of toilet paper!

I received 4 correct answers for the last contest question. The word search revealed shades of Rowan Fine Tweed and Fiona, Kessa, Susan W and Theresa were all correct Here is the next question: The letters of the phrase Muscle Strain can be rearranged to make a three-letter word, a four-letter word, and a five-letter word, all of them terms you might hear in a weather report – what are the three words? Answers to with Muscle Strain as the subject by midnight Saturday.

It is my birthday on Saturday. Strangely, John has not asked me what I would like – he normally does as he is hopeless with present ideas.  He has not forgotten as he has booked a table for dinner at the Sword Inn Hand.  Could it be he has a surprise for me ?  A Bengal kitten or tickets to Jamaica?  Sadly, I think not but I can dream!

Got to pack more parcels now and brave the rain.  Back tomorrow.


One thought on “August 30th

  1. Maybe you could post birthday suggestions on the fridge such as ” remember to pick up Bengal kitten and fabulous vacation tickets for dear wife’s birthday” or something like that…

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