August 31st

Kim Hargreaves Quirky

Kim Hargreaves Quirky

Kim Hargreave’s Quirky has arrived. Nice designs – nothing too outlandish.  I was thinking it is strange how different designers use completely different types of model. Louisa’s are always very glamorous and young whereas Kim’s are more “the girl next door” type.

Hmm! Last night John asked me what I want for my birthday. I said that I did not know and he did not pursue the point.  Could that mean Bengal kitten / flights to Jamaica are in the bag? Or could it mean he does not care?  He did buy me two large bunches of lilies today – hope that is not it!  All will be revealed tomorrow. I am having my hair washed and blow dried and am trying to decide whether to have some cut off.  It is below my jaw and I wonder if it would be easier to cope with if it was at bottom of ear length?  It is really high maintenance at the moment! On the other hand, if I let it grow at bit longer I will be able to tie it up which would be ideal in tropical climates!  Dreaming again.

I am going to cook chicken in black bean sauce now and then we are going out for a drink.  Back tomorrow


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