August 21st

Yesterday was busy.  We woke up to find Jackson proudly sitting beside a dead rat on the patio!  He was allowed one sardine as a reward.  Next he chased a squirrel up the walnut tree but did not manage to catch it.  He will have his work cut out when the walnuts are fully formed as we get droves of them trying to steal the nuts.

We have arranged to take Lawrence and Mary out to lunch tomorrow and so at lunch time we went to inspect a pub that is halfway between our houses.  It is The Sword Inn Hand. It looked nice and so we have booked a table for lunch tomorrow.  Altho’ I only had one modest glass of white wine, it made me sleepy – I do not like drinking in the day.

I can see from the online ordering system that Kim Hargreaves Quirky is supposed to be dispatched today.

I have just had a Knit Pro delivery and so had better sort it out!  Back tomorrow.



August 19th

Sorry I did not write yesterday – it has been unbelievably hot here. Slip hates the heat but Jackson loves it. He sits on a lounger with his tummy exposed to the sun. I think it will end with a big thunder storm.

The answer to the first question of the contest was Parisian Nights and I received correct answers from Fiona, Theresa, Janet, Susan B, Susan W, Kessa, Maureen and Jacki.

The next question is Where would you find something related to spiders along with a piece of jewellery and some old china? Answers to with Spiders as the subject. Send by midnight Tuesday please. The question is knitting related.

Today I am cooking roast beef – not that I fancy it much at the moment.  I have also made some shortbread triangles which I am going to layer with strawberries and cream.

Going to pick runner beans now – back tomorrow.


August 17th

Kim Hargreaves Quirky

Kim Hargreaves Quirky is expected to ship next week. I have not seen a copy yet and am looking forward to it.

This morning we wrestled with new curtains we have bought for the bathroom. What a pain it is pulling the heading tape to get the pinch pleats even! Ugh, I hate hanging curtains. John has gone fishing for the afternoon but I think it is a bit bright.

Tomorrow I go to the hairdresser, then shopping and then we have a new blind to fit in the kitchen.  It has to be cut to size, I shall let John do it.

I found a website in Scotland that has Asian Leopard cats as well as Bengals.  If you like Bengals – take a look here.  You can see how Jackson’s great great grandfather looked and how the breeding programme works. I so want another Bengal!

Now I am going to iron all the new bedding before putting it on the bed.  Back tomorrow.




August 16th

Time for a new contest.  Anyone can enter but you must compete from the first question – no jumping in half way through!  Now, what shall we have as the prize?  I know, a skein of Kidsilk Creation in the winner’s choice of colour.  Here is the first question:

Where might you enjoy Chablis, Champagne, Burgundy and Merlot and still be on a knitting wave length ?  Answers with Wine as the subject to jannette@ by midnight Saturday please!

I had a delivery from Rowan today but it was someone else’s order – not one thing that I wanted and so I have sent it back. I wonder where my order is?!  Rather annoying as they do not seem able to find out and my order will have to be re-processed and sent from Germany again.

John may go fishing tomorrow. He is driving me crazy with his new iPhone – non stop questions!  If only he would read the instructions……

Time for the postman now – back tomorrow.

August 15th

Noro Passion

Noro Passion

Noro Passion has arrived as have the new colours of Silk Garden and Silk Garden Sock. Also some Rowan Lima in Titicaca which I ordered back in March!

Now to the contest!  Neither Mary or Maureen were correct or even nearly correct. My top sellers by number of balls this month are:

Debbie Bliss Andes

Rowan Tweed

Debbie Bliss Como

Rowan Kidsilk Haze

Rowan Felted Tweed.

Mary had them in the order of Felted Tweed, Andes,Rowan Tweed, KSH and Como and Mary had Felted Tweed, Andes, KSH, Rowan Tweed and Andes.    So Mary had Kidsilk Haze correctly placed as the 4th most popular and Maureen had none in the correct order.  Mary is the winner by a whisker – please let me know which shade(s) you would like for your 2 balls of Angel Print and I will send them out. Commiserations to Maureen but this contest had gone on for a month and so it seems best to end it now and I will start a new one tomorrow.

Wet and miserable here – think I shall do some baking. Back with a new contest tomorrow.


August 13th

John has gone fishing with Kevin today.  I thought I would have a tidy up of my cake and biscuit tins and found lots of old things and so through them out for the birds. Slip has munched her way through  5 cup cakes, half a battenburg cake, 4 cherry muffins and half a packet of digestive biscuits.  I did not realise she was eating them until I looked out of the window and saw they were all gone and she had a guilty look on her face.

Just three contestants left now : Theresa, Mary and Maureen.  Let’s try to finish this for once and for all.  This a list of my 5 top selling yarns by quantity so fart this month : Debbie Bliss Andes, Rowan Tweed, Rowan Kidsilk Haze, Debbie Bliss Como and Rowan Felted Tweed.  I want you to place them in order with the best seller first, second best second and so on.  Remember, it  is the number of balls sold, not the value. You do not have to say how many balls, just which one I have sold the most balls of and so on. Answers to with Balls as the subject.

I am sorry the Olympics is over, but a new series of Downton Abbey is starting soon and so I shall look forward to that.

Now I must go and wait for Jose, the Portuguese postman!  Back tomorrow.

August 12th

I had a near disaster this morning!  Last night I took some stewing steak out of the freezer and put it in the oven to de-frost over night.This morning I wanted to make an Apricot and Mascarpone  tart for lunch.  I turned the oven on so that it would heat up whilst I made the tart.  Yes, you have guessed it…..I forgot about the meat in the oven. When I went to bake the tart, there was the meat half cooked!  It was in one piece and so John managed to cut off the outside which had cooked and Slip can have it for her lunch.  I have made a goulash with the rest.  Here is the tart:

Apricot and Mascarpone Tart

Tomorrow the rest of the new Noro should arrive – new shades of Silk Garden, Silk Garden Sock and others and I think the Debbie Bliss Magazine will also arrive.

Now I must go back to the kitchen and make a sour cream and chive dip to have with the goulash to cool it down! Back tomorrow.