September 26th

Ugh! What a frustrating day.  My printer has been playing up for some while now – sometimes it will print, sometimes it won’t!  I can usually get it to go by turning it off and on or removing  and replacing the ink. Today, I could not make it go. I bought a new printer about a month ago and so decided it was time to bite the bullet and install it.

My problem is that the CD drive on my iMac does not work and so I was not going to be able to use the installation disc with the new printer.  I downloaded the appropriate drivers from HP and hoped I would be able to get it to work.

After a lot of fiddling around and installing things, it is now working!  Connected wirelessly to all my machines! The old one is boxed up ready to go to the dump tomorrow.

The Louisa Harding books have just arrived and so I shall be sending out all pre-orders tomorrow. Also the Amitola and Orielle are here and I will put them in my shop tomorrow.

John has gone fishing with Kevin – Slip has gone too


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