September 28th

Today has been very fraught!  John is buying a new gun and has to take the original of his Shotgun Certificate to the gunsmiths.  Do you think we could find it?!  He said that he had a copy of it in the Land Rover, well, a copy is no good.  After hunting through desk drawers, files and folders,  I looked at the copy – it was not a copy at all, but the original!  We must have wasted over an hour hunting for something that was right in front of our noses.  We are going to collect the gun next week. It is about 80 miles from here and I expect we shall get lost as usual

A new contest is starting today.  The prize is a Laurel Burch cosmetic bag. This can also be used for short needles, stitch holders, tape measure and other small knitting accessories.

I cannot guarantee that the design will be the same as the one shown above, but they are all lovely! First question is:

Harold, James, Michael, Neil, John…..who comes next?   Answers to with Bag as subject by Sunday midnight please.

I had heard more noises in the loft earlier this week and so we set two traps. When we looked yesterday, we had caught two wood mice.  Jackson denied all responsibility!

Going to make some scampi for dinner now – back tomorrow.


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