September 30th

Manos del Uruguay SIlk Blend Finos

Manos del Uruguay Silk Blend Fino #6362

I have been busy skeining the Manos del Uruguay Silk Blend Fino which arrived yesterday afternoon – it is very unusual for things to arrive on Saturday! The pattern books were not in the box – I expect they will come separately.

We went to the Sword Inn Hand last night. I had sardines in parma ham – they were rather salty! John had a lemon sole which he enjoyed. I am cooking roast beef for lunch today with roast potatoes, red peppers stuffed with rice and sweetcorn, cauliflower in cheese sauce and roast onions.  I have made a new desert – it is a blackberry and chocolate mousse. Basically it is dark chocolate melted with double cream and then stir an egg yolk in. Whisk the egg white separately with a tablespoon of golden caster sugar and then fold that into the chocolate mixture. Crush blackberries with some icing sugar and put them into the bottom of a sundae glass and then put the chocolate mixture on top!  I will let you know if John enjoys it or not!

Three more mice caught up in the loft – that makes a total of eight.  I have not heard any noise since we caught the last one and so maybe that was the end of them.

Going to iron now.  Back tomorrow.


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