September 22nd

Another design of knitting bag that I am expecting next week.

This morning we went to see another exhibition of the planned development in the fields surrounding our house.  There will be two schools, 3,000 houses, two retail areas, two health centres and numerous roads, bus stops and cycle lanes.  We were told that they are hoping to start building in March 2014. We shall start to look for a new house after Christmas.  Most probably not in this area but further north as property is very expensive here as we are only 22 miles from London.  It does not really matter where we live as far as the yarn goes – it can be delivered anywhere.

Jackson has been very aggressive today.  He has tried to bite me twice and been baiting Slip.  He runs at her and bounces off her back, runs away and then charges again!  Slip doesn’t retaliate but I worry that she might one day.

My new iPhone came yesterday and I have set it up. It is very thin and light and has a super sharp display.

We are not eating out tonight but are going for a drink later. Roast beef tomorrow and clotted cream rice pudding.  Back tomorrow.



September 20th


I have some new knitting bags on order – hopefully they will appeal as Christmas gifts!

Jackson did his vanishing act again today. He went out at 9 pm last night and reappeared at 4pm this afternoon. No indication of where he has been but he seems OK – not very hungry tho’!

My new iPhone is scheduled for delivery tomorrow – I am selling the existing one as that pays for more than half of the new one.  I am not on contract and have bought the new unlocked iPhone direct from Apple – that way I can go with whichever provider offers the best deal and move fro one to another without problems.

No yarn news except that the four new Louisa Harding books are due next week.

Back tomorrow.

September 19th

Today has been somewhat of a disaster so far!  We decided to go to the sea and have a crab lunch. Off we went with Slip in the back of the car. John had set the sat nav and so we should not get lost.  Hmmmm, He might have set the destination point correctly but he had not set the start point as Home and so after a few miles the whole thing went pear shaped.  We went completely the wrong way and the traffic was terrible.  It took us over 2 hours to do what should be a 40 minute journey.   We had the crabs and then came pack – without mishap!

Have you seen this video of a parrot? I have always wanted a parrot – I think Jackson would like one too.

Now I must get on as I have wasted so much time driving round trying to fine the crabs!

September 19th

Ian from Designer Yarns came to see me this morning. They are introducing a new range of yarns which will be partly synthetic and cheaper than the Debbie Bliss range. There are Baby, DK and Aran weights. I am not sure how popular these will be – perhaps you could answer this poll:

Now to the contest! The correct answer was KID and Jackie, Maureen, Theresa, Janet and Kessa were correct If I have omitted anyone please let me know. Here is their next question:

How many fruits can you find in the above poem? Some may appear more than once! Send list by Friday midnight to with FRUITS as subject please.

I have some Kureyon Sock and Sekku yarns coming at reduced prices.

Going to iron now and then cook steak in black bean sauce!

September 16th

I am putting some nice new Regia Twin Color sock yarn in my store today.

Regia Twin Color Sock Yarn

The reason that it is called Twin Color is because there is a “his and hers” version, for example Daniel and Daniela, Julia and Julian, Paul and Paula. The mens versions have broader stripes.

Jackson is behaving and is back in his routine – wakes me at 4.0 am to go out, comes back at 7.0am for breakfast, out hunting until midday, back for lunch, sleeps in the back of his shed until 4 pm, in again for more food, sleeps in the greenhouse until it gets dark, back in for food and then sleeps in his hammock until he wakes me up at 4.0am again!  He has me firmly under his paw!

We went out to the Sword Inn Hand again last night.  I had roast duck breast in an apple and cider sauce and John had a fillet steak with a peppercorn sauce – very nice!  Today I am cooking roast pork followed by treacle tart.

Going to make a cheese sauce to accompany the cauliflower now. Back tomorrow.



September 14th

Well, Jackson seems no worse for wear apart from being hungry and thirsty.  His eye has opened and his paws are not too bad. I have trimmed his torn claws and given him a brushing. He has slept most of today in the greenhouse.

Now, the contest.  The answer was purse and Theresa, Jacki, Maureen, Kessa, Lyn, Lois, Janet, Alice, Aleza, Joanna, Annicka, Gudrun, Simone, Vera, Justine and Alicia were correct. Here is your next question:

These words follow a logical progression:
Which of these could be next?

Answer by midnight Monday to with Sequence as the subject.

I received some Regia Lace yarn today which I will put in my shop tomorrow – it is very pretty!  Going to cook a kipper and some smoked haddock now.  Back tomorrow!

September 13th – Update

Now 20 past 8 here and Jackson has come back! I heard him calling and he was outside the patio door. He is starving….eating like there is no tomorrow.
His claws are very worn down and his paw pads are raw… if he has been walking.
John thought we would never see again, but he was wrong.
Jackson’s back!
Thanks to everyone for your messages – they kept me going!