October 23rd

We are back!  Jackson had a thorough examination including having his temperature taken!  He was very badly behaved and growled and hissed the whole time! He was also weighed and is 4.3 kg.

The verdict is that he has aspirational pneumonia which means he has regurgitated something and it has “gone down the wrong way” and caused an infection in his lungs.

We are going to try antibiotics before subjecting him to the Cambridge hospital – if it can be cured at home, so much the better.  He had a long lasting injection and I am to see how he is in 3 days time.

So I feel happier now!


7 thoughts on “October 23rd

  1. Phew!What a relief,but the poor little soul must be feeling wretched.Hope he feels better soon!
    Furry hugs from Sue,Tinkerbell,ShooShoo and Sallybear xx

  2. Gosh, I’m so sorry and hope the antibiotics work. It’s always so upsetting when they’re ill and he’s been through a lot in his little life. I think I’m rather proud of him for being so difficult though of course it’s embarrassing for the human…

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