October 24th

Jackson seems a little brighter today. He is eating his biscuits albeit terribly slowly. He does not seem to want to go out and so I let him sleep. I have not heard him cough today – just 2 sneezes.

All four contestants had the correct answer to the last puzzle. Here is the next one:

Use the letters given to complete the square so that three other words can be read downwards and across.

What are the words?

C  E  E  E  H  H  S  Y  Y


Answers to jannette@easynet.co.uk with 3 Words as the subject by midnight Friday please.

The Kauni EQ has left Estonia and is in the air on its way to me!  I just hope all the balls are the same size as it makes a lot of work having to put each one in the shop individually.

Two more mice last night – we could hear them scurry about when we were in bed. We are going to buy more traps tomorrow!

Now I am going to make a sweet and sour sauce from scratch to go with the chicken pieces I am roasting.  Back tomorrow and Jackson says a big thank you to all of you who have wished him well!


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