October 27th

Here is Jackson sleeping on the top level of his cat tree!  He likes it up there as the warmth from the fire rises!

Theresa, Jacki and Julie sent correct answers to the contest. Here is the next question:

Can you do these 4 apposite anagrames – both parts of the anagram need to be related or somehow reflect each other.  For example, Big melons is not an apposite anagram of Mel Gibson as there is no relation between the two!  But old masters/art’s models is one as the anagram relates to the first words. I have put how many words you need to make in brackets.

  • the morse code (3)
  • mother in law (2)
  • a gentleman (2)
  • a pittance.  (3)

John is out shooting and I am making a Dundee cake – it is in the oven now. We had a sprinkling of snow this morning – it is very cold and also very windy.

I am going to attend to my cake now….back tomorrow.



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