October 23rd

Jackson has taken a turn for the worse and is completely lifeless and sleeping all day and all night. We have to take him to our regular Vet this afternoon and he will then refer him to Cambridge University Hospital for tests.  I am very worried about him but maybe they will balloon him and he will be OK again.

The Kidsilk Glamour Collection has just arrived along with the Glamour yarn in Blushes and Majestic and Kim Hargreaves Enchanted. I have not had time to photograph Enchanted yet and doubt if I will get time today.  I will report back when we have been to the Vet.



October 21st

Jackson is very grouchy today – crying non stop and won’t eat anything I offer him. He has drunk some water and so I am pleased about that. I can tell he is uncomfy as he sits hunched up. He is such a worry.

We went to the Sword Inn Hand last night and I had chicken stuffed with stilton cheese in a mushroom sauce and John had a filet steak with peppercorn sauce.  It was nice but there was a large birthday party in the restaurant which rather annoyed us!

Jacki, Theresa, Fiona and Julie all identified the “Cross” in the last puzzle. Here is a new one:


Can you make your way to all the letters and back to the starting point without going through any letter spot more than once?

Begin at the letter ‘T’, spell a complete sentence, using each letter once.

Sorry the picture is a bit small – it might be easier to see if you print it out.

Answers to jannette@easynet.co.uk with Ball as the subject by midnight Tuesday please!

Going to see what that Mr. Jackson is up to and cook the chicken for lunch. Back tomorrow.


Design from the Rowan Glamour Collection

Jackson is not too well – he is coughing a lot and sneezing. He has slept solidly for the last 24 hours. I shall see how he goes over the weekend.

One more mouse trapped.  If I had not persuaded John that I could hear noises in the loft, there would be hundreds by now.

We are going to the Sword Inn Hand for dinner tonight. They have a new autumn menu – I will report back.

Going to make some Brandy Snaps for dessert tomorrow.  They are rather fiddly but I will give them my best shot. Back tomorrow.

October 19th

The Rowan Kidsilk Haze Glamour in Blood has just arrived along with Cocoon in Umber ( this was due on August 1st!) and some Regia Angora Merino.

I am writing this early as we are going fishing this afternoon. Well, John is fishing and I shall sit and read!  It gives me a break away from the computer.

My deep fried camembert wedges turned out very well and John said they were much nicer than the ready made ones you can buy in shops. Today I am doing spare ribs, Chinese style.

Jackson is still not himself and now seems to be sneezing a lot. He is in his hammock asleep.  One more mouse ( a pregnant one ) caught during the night. I could not see anywhere that they could use as a means to getting into the loft – it is a mystery.

I am having my hair washed and blow dried tomorrow and then I am going shopping for some new boots. I need a pair that are high enough for the bottoms of my skinny trousers to tuck in. I don’t want knee high. At present the bottoms of my trousers and the tops of my ankle boots are constantly at war with one another!  Back tomorrow.


October 18th

Rowan tell me that the Kidsilk Haze Glamour book is expected at their German warehouse tomorrow and so it should come next week.

Hmm! I am sorry to report that it was not the last of the loft mice – there were 2 more in the trap this morning – total of 33!  I am going to have a good look outside, they must be getting in somewhere!

John is going duck shooting this evening. I am not happy about this – I do not agree with it. I can just about tolerate pheasant shooting but ducks and geese are a firm no-no. Consequently we have had a shout at one another and are now not speaking!  It will pass! As one gets older, one realises that things that seem important in the heat of the moment, fade to nothing with time.

I am cooking breaded camembert cheese triangles with raspberry sauce for dinner.Slip has just enjoyed the remains of the beaten egg that I used to breadcrumb the cheeses!  Jackson is so-so….bit whiney and not wanting to do much. I will see how he goes and if he does not perk up, I will take him to the Cambridge University veterinary hospital next week – maybe he needs ballooning again.

Going to attend to the postman now as he has just driven in to collect my sacks. Back tomorrow.

October 17th

I am feeling back to my old self today!  I received a small Rowan delivery today – Kidsilk Haze Anthracite and Splendour, Kidsilk Haze Stripe Flaming and some Rowan shade cards.

The remaining four contestants all sent me the correct answer : What is pleasant, a French city and a sort of biscuit?  Nice. Now we will have a visual puzzle.

In the diagram below there are 5 cards that form a cross shape and all bear a different symbol – can you find them?

Answer to jannette@easynet.co.uk with Cross as subject by midnight Saturday please.

I have ordered some more Kauni EQ as I get a lot of requests for it. It is far and away the most popular shade.

Going to tie up my mailing sacks now – back tomorrow.


October 16th

Sorry not to have written yesterday. I am battling with a cold and feel generally below par.

We have now caught 30 mice BUT we did not catch any last night and so maybe this is the end of them. Jackson turns a deaf ear whenever we mention the mice, I think he is rather embarrassed about the whole affair. He is not very well today. It is my fault as I have been giving him pate and he is starting to “mouth” and looks uncomfortable. I expect it has caused acid to rise in his throat. He is now back on biscuits only.

John and Slip and Kevin and Finn have gone trout fishing but will be back soon as it is too windy. I had to make a packed lunch for John and the two dogs!

Nothing else to report – Brooklyn Tweed patterns are expected any day and some more Laurel Burch goodies! Back tomorrow.