November 30th

Rather a fraught day! John plugged an extra heater in whilst we were packing parcels and it fused the lights. He had to go up into the loft to replace the fuse. Guess what? We had caught yet another mouse! I have lost count of how many but it must be 60+.

Then I pan fried some monkfish and put the hot pan on a plastic bag on the work top and had a horrid sticky pan to clean.

Jackson is fed up too! Tomorrow will be better….back then.


November 28th – Contest Alteration

Sorry – the Knitting Grannies puzzle is wrong – please ignore!

Here is another:

Six people each have a problem with one of their relations.Can you determine the first name & surname of the person, find out who they fell out with and why?

First Name: Bertha, Clarence, Gerald, Sheila, Stanley, Zoe
Surname: Button, Brent, Davis, Drake, Sharpe, Smythe
Fell out with: Father, Mother-in-law, Brother, Aunt, Grandmother, Daughter
Problem: Freaky Partner, Told they were fat, Scratched Car, Bad Breath, Bad Haircut, Thought of as a Thief

Sheila did not fall out with her mother-in-law or father, who didn’t comment on a bad haircut.Bertha was not told her partner was a freak and she didn’t fall out with her grandmother.

Mrs Davis was not told she was fat.

The brother insinuated that his sibling had scratched his car much to the annoyance of his sibling, who was not Sheila or Bertha.

Stanley, not Smythe, fell out with his daughter, but not because he didn’t like her partner or because he thought she was fat.

Mr Sharpe fell out with his aunt.

Clarence Brent, who had never been married, was told by his relation that he had a bad hair cut or had bad breath.

The person named Drake was told by their relation that their partner was a freak.

Gerald was really angry that his relation thought he was a thief.

The Grandmother did not comment on bad breath to upset her relation.

Answers to with relations as subject by midnight Friday please.

November 28th

Here is the answer to the contest:

Breed Name Picked Up Re-Homed New Owner
Alsatian Barney Wednesday Friday Mr Perry
Collie Geordie Tuesday Monday Miss Kirby
Dalmatian Dandy Thursday Tuesday Mrs Tilley
Retriever Marty Friday Thursday Mrs O’Keefe
Terrier Yorkie Monday Wednesday Mr Morgan

I received correct answers from Christine, Kessa, Jacki, Laila, Julie, Lois and Nancy who has an apt surname…Barker!  We will have another logic puzzle – The Knitting Grannies!

FIve grannies have been knitting CHristmas gifts. Can you tell me the christian and surname of each granny and what they knitted and in what colour?

1. Louise, who is not Mrs Grey, did not knit the Scarf or the Blue item.

2. Mrs Grey knitted in either Red or Blue, but did not knit the Sweater (which wasn’t Green).

3. Grace, Pat, Mrs Smith, the lady who knitted the Gloves and the lady who used Yellow wool are all different people.

4. No granny has a first name & surname beginning with the same letter.

5. Sybil does not have the surname Brown and Louise does not have the surname Smith.

6. Neither the Sweater or Hat was knitted with Yellow wool.

7. The Cardigan was knitted by Grace or Pat, but not in Green or Black.

8. Mrs Smith or the lady that knitted with Black wool made the Hat.

9. Mrs Brown did not knit with Black or Blue and she did not knit Gloves.

10. Mrs Truman did not knit with Yellow wool.

Answers to with Grannies as the subject by midnight Friday please!

John and Slip have gone fishing – they must be mad!  It is so cold with a northerly wind. Jackson and I have the radiators on full blast……whilst the cat’s away………….!!

I am going to pack some parcels now and then make a chicken dish with ginger, star anise, soy sauce and various other oriental spices.  Back tomorrow.

November 27th

!Scottish Heritage Knits

Scottish Heritage Knits by Martin Storey

I ordered this so long ago that I had forgotten all about it. There are some lovely designs – I especially like the fair isle cardis.

I also received a lot of Kidsilk Haze and all colours are now in stock. Also Kidsilk Haze Glamour in Trance and Heavenly, Felted Tweed in Treacle, Kidsilk Stripe Collection,  Kim Hargreaves Scarlet and Indigo and the Kidsilk Haze Trio Collection.

We discovered another big gash on Slip – half way down her chest, John is treating both wounds with Anti- Bacterial powder. They are not  bleeding – just big open slits.

It has rained non stop today and is so dark and depressing. Think I shall go online and book a holiday! Back tomorrow.

November 25th

Nothing much to report today. I am cooking roast pork for lunch followed by the hazelnut meringues that I made yesterday. I am going to dip the flat sides in melted chocolate and then sandwich them together in pairs with raspberries and whipped cream. Slip loves helping in the kitchen, she likes to lick the whisk before I put it in the dishwasher!  I will finish the meringues now.

Hazelnut Meringues


We have just noticed that Slip has a bad wound on the inside of her left back leg. Looks as if she might have caught it on some barbed wire. She is licking it which will keep it clean.

Now I must make some stuffing and gravy…back tomorrow.

November 24th

First off I want to ask if anyone recognises this design?

A customer telephoned me today. She knitted this many many years ago and has lost the pattern. It is Jaeger and she thinks she has seen it ( or one very like it ) published more recently in a Rowan pattern book. So does anyone have any ideas?

Now to the contest. The answers were Bond and Craig and I received correct answers from  Laila, Julie, Fiona, Christine, Joan, Lois, Annemarie, Theresa, Susan, Kessa, Maureen, Nancy and Jacki.  If I have omitted anyone, please email.

We will have a logic puzzle now:


Five stray dogs were picked up by animal welfare officers on different days of the week
(Monday-Friday) and taken to the Kennelmore Dog’s Home. All five dogs were re-homed
on different days of the following week (Monday-Friday). No dog was taken to the dog’s
home on the same day of the week it was re-homed. (eg The dog picked up on Monday
wasn’t re-homed on the following Monday). Can you match each breed of dog with its
name, the day of the week it was first picked up, the day it was re-homed and the name
of its new owner?
1. The collie (who isn’t called Marty) was taken to the dog’s home on Tuesday. Mrs
O’Keefe re-homed one of the dogs on Thursday.
2. The dalmatian was re-homed the day before the dog Mr Morgan re-homed and earlier
in the week than the dog Mr Perry re-homed but later in the week than Geordie was
3. The dog which was taken to the dog’s home the day before Marty was taken in, was
re-homed by Mrs Tilley.
4. The alsatian was taken to the dog’s home on an earlier day of the week than the day
in the following week when a lady re-homed the retriever.
5. Miss Kirby re-homed one of the dogs two days earlier than the day in the previous
week when Barney was taken into the dog’s home.
6. Dandy was taken into the home a day later in the week than the day in the following
week when Mr Morgan re-homed a dog.
7. Yorkie the terrier was taken to the dog’s home earlier in the week than the alsatian.
Answers to with Homeless Dogs as subject by Tuesday midnight please.
John and Slip are out shooting again today. It is wet and cold – rather them than me.  We have not caught any mice in the loft for three days now and so I think it is the end of them.
I am going to do some baking now – hazelnut meringues!  Back tomorrow.

November 22nd

Happy Thanksgiving to all my US readers!!

Bengal Cat in Hammock


Jackson has a new radiator bed – it has two covers, this blue one and a fawn one.  He normally goes in the bed when the heating is on and then, when we light the fire, he moves and lies in front of it.  He was bad this morning. I saw him coming up the garden with something in his mouth and I called him. He came to me and dropped the cargo at my feet. It was a wren, so tiny and perfect. It seemed unharmed and so I hustled Jackson indoors and put the wren on the garden wall. It sat there looking shell-shocked. When I looked again after five minutes it had gone and so I think it had flown off.

I have had a round up of my bargain buttons and put some back in stock.  They are cheap and cheerful!

John and Slip are shooting tomorrow and Saturday – I shall do some baking in their absence.  Back tomorrow.