December 31st

Scarf in Louisa Harding Nerissa

I have finished my Louisa Harding scarf knitted with Nerissa.  I like this yarn very much. It is easy to work with and does not split. I might make the matching hat.

I am not sure what is happening tonight. John asked Steve if he and Lynne would like to come over for a drink but we have not heard back from them.  The champagne is in the fridge – I must not drink too much this time!

We are having an easy dinner. John was given a jar of Wild Boar Pate for a present and so he is going to have that on toast and I have a fresh crab that I am going to eat with an avocado pear and some mayonnaise  that I shall spice up with some paprika pepper.

Once again it is raining and cold.  I am going to carry on knitting my cushion cover and try to get warm. We have a big log fire and the central heating is on but I am still cold. Back next year!

December 30th

I am totally muddled as to what day it is ….it seems like a month of Sundays.

We went to the Sword Inn Hand last night and I had mussels in a brandy and mushroom sauce followed  by breast of pheasant Kiev.  John had a smoked haddock and cheese tartlet followed by fillet of beef. It was all very nice but expensive!

Now for the contest! Kessa, Theresa, Maureen, Julie and Susan sent the correct answers – if I have omitted anyone, please email and I will re-instate you.  Next puzzle is a Mumble- Jumble.

Unscramble each of the clue words. Take the letters that appear in  boxes and unscramble them for the answer


This is an easy puzzle – the next one will be very hard!

Answers to with Mumble as subject. Send by midnight Tuesday please!

Now I must away to the oven.. I am cooking chicken breasts stuffed with ginger and garlic served with a coconut, chilli, tomato and coriander sauce followed by apricot and almond tart!

December 27th



Jackson curled up in his hammock!

I woke up to a sore throat – and John has gout in his knee. It is very swollen and red. I have been running back and forth with ice packs all day….never mind how ill I feel!

I had a sort out today and found a box of tapestry / cross stitch / embroidery kits lurking in a box under a bed!  I have put them in my shop  – only $5 each! I really need to get shot of them, we are slowly drowning under boxes of things!

It has rained all day again. Nothing exciting on the horizon….hairdresser tomorrow and shopping. 

December 27th

Sorry to have been absent!  The last two days proved to be rather tiring. Christmas day, I made the mistake of drinking champagne and orange juice at 10.30am.  Then more wine with lunch…..I had to retire to bed for a sleep.  I then felt jaded for the rest of the day and watched Downton Abbey in a daze!

Yesterday was not much better as it involved a bottle of wine in the afternoon and then another one at night….headache followed!  However, I feel OK today. John and Slip are out shooting and I have been shopping.  It is raining again and cold. John just telephoned me and said he is soaked. My hairdresser is shooting with them today.

Now, the contest.  Joan has retired due to Christmas pressure!  Kessa, Janet, Theresa, Julie, Susan and Maureen sent the correct answers to the last question. Here is the next one:

Each group; of three words below have something in common. Fox example, if the words were : Moth…Meat …Medicine the answer would be Balls!

1. The Brain – The Lung – The Ear  ____________________

2. Spider – Fiddler – Hermit  ____________________

3. Back – Butterfly – Side  ____________________

4. A Car – A Tree – An Elephant  ____________________

5. A Bear – A Hammer – A Lobster  ____________________

6. Finish – Fishing – Dotted  ____________________

7. Metal – Radar – Lie  ____________________

8. Stop – Spot – Strobe  ____________________

9. Trap – French – Glass  ____________________

10. State – Sales – Income  ____________________

Answers to with 3 of a Kind as subject by midnight Saturday please.

I am going to brave the rain and go outside and pack more parcels now. Then I shall do some knitting. My felted tweed cushion cover is looking good!  Back tomorrow.

December 24th

I braved the supermarket at 8.30 this morning and it was not too bad. I collected the turkey I had ordered on line and was done before 9.0am.  

I am having an easy day today – going to do some knitting this afternoon as I only have 4 rows to do on a Louisa Harding chenille scarf. My next project is some striped cushion covers in Felted Tweed – Seasalter and Scree.  They are in the Nordic Knits book.

We have lobster for dinner tonight and then we may go for a drink. Tomorrow it is turkey and Wednesday it is chilli turkey!!  Slip is very excited at the sight of this gigantic bird and is hovering near the fridge!  

I will write more tomorrow as I do not have a lot to do…….no panic for once!

December 23rd

RIght, the contest!  Correct solutions were received from Julie, Janet, Nancy, Susan, Touran, Maureen, Theresa, Joan and Kessa.  If I have left anyone out please email!

Next question:

This list of words are all anagrams of words that mean the same as those in the list. Can you figure them out:

Woman Hitler

That queer shake

Bad Credit

Clash lost in ’em

Twelve plus one

DIrty Room.

Moon Starers


They see

These churn air

Here is an example to get you going:  The Classroom can be re-arranged to form Schoolmaster.

Answers by midnight Wednesday with anagrams as subject. Send to

Yesterday did not go as planned. My brother had said they would be here at midday. So, just before then I put the roast potatoes in the oven and thought we could have a drink when they arrived and then the meal would be ready.  1pm came and went ….no sign of them.

At 1.15pm they telephoned t say that they were at Huntingdon which is over 30 miles away. The lunch was ready…what to do?  In the end ( after a mild panic! ) I turned the oven off and left everything in there.  They arrived at 1.50pm and so I hustled them to the table…no time for drinks!  The food was OK but I felt a bit put out!

John and Slip returned at 4.30…soaked to the skin. I then cooked another portion of the beef in red wine, roast potatoes and vegetables for John.  

We went out for a drink and we go a back way to the pub down country lanes. The road was flooded but John insisted in driving through about two feet of water.  I was terrified that the Land Rover would grind to a halt and we would be stranded.  We got through it but I refused to go back that way and made him go on the main road.

Today I am cooking spare ribs and rice for lunch ……not too demanding. 



December 22nd

I am frantically preparing lunch for my brother and sister in law who are due to arrive in about an hour.  I have made the beef dish, par boiled the roast potatoes, made leeks au gratin, made the pavlova and filled it with pineapple and cream. 

It is raining here again – John and Slip will get soaked. Still at least the dust shows up less when there is no sun!! Clouds do have a silver lining!

I know the contest is due to be updated today – let me see how I go and I will come back and do it if I have time – if not, first thing tomorrow.