December 23rd

RIght, the contest!  Correct solutions were received from Julie, Janet, Nancy, Susan, Touran, Maureen, Theresa, Joan and Kessa.  If I have left anyone out please email!

Next question:

This list of words are all anagrams of words that mean the same as those in the list. Can you figure them out:

Woman Hitler

That queer shake

Bad Credit

Clash lost in ’em

Twelve plus one

DIrty Room.

Moon Starers


They see

These churn air

Here is an example to get you going:  The Classroom can be re-arranged to form Schoolmaster.

Answers by midnight Wednesday with anagrams as subject. Send to

Yesterday did not go as planned. My brother had said they would be here at midday. So, just before then I put the roast potatoes in the oven and thought we could have a drink when they arrived and then the meal would be ready.  1pm came and went ….no sign of them.

At 1.15pm they telephoned t say that they were at Huntingdon which is over 30 miles away. The lunch was ready…what to do?  In the end ( after a mild panic! ) I turned the oven off and left everything in there.  They arrived at 1.50pm and so I hustled them to the table…no time for drinks!  The food was OK but I felt a bit put out!

John and Slip returned at 4.30…soaked to the skin. I then cooked another portion of the beef in red wine, roast potatoes and vegetables for John.  

We went out for a drink and we go a back way to the pub down country lanes. The road was flooded but John insisted in driving through about two feet of water.  I was terrified that the Land Rover would grind to a halt and we would be stranded.  We got through it but I refused to go back that way and made him go on the main road.

Today I am cooking spare ribs and rice for lunch ……not too demanding. 




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