December 27th

Sorry to have been absent!  The last two days proved to be rather tiring. Christmas day, I made the mistake of drinking champagne and orange juice at 10.30am.  Then more wine with lunch…..I had to retire to bed for a sleep.  I then felt jaded for the rest of the day and watched Downton Abbey in a daze!

Yesterday was not much better as it involved a bottle of wine in the afternoon and then another one at night….headache followed!  However, I feel OK today. John and Slip are out shooting and I have been shopping.  It is raining again and cold. John just telephoned me and said he is soaked. My hairdresser is shooting with them today.

Now, the contest.  Joan has retired due to Christmas pressure!  Kessa, Janet, Theresa, Julie, Susan and Maureen sent the correct answers to the last question. Here is the next one:

Each group; of three words below have something in common. Fox example, if the words were : Moth…Meat …Medicine the answer would be Balls!

1. The Brain – The Lung – The Ear  ____________________

2. Spider – Fiddler – Hermit  ____________________

3. Back – Butterfly – Side  ____________________

4. A Car – A Tree – An Elephant  ____________________

5. A Bear – A Hammer – A Lobster  ____________________

6. Finish – Fishing – Dotted  ____________________

7. Metal – Radar – Lie  ____________________

8. Stop – Spot – Strobe  ____________________

9. Trap – French – Glass  ____________________

10. State – Sales – Income  ____________________

Answers to with 3 of a Kind as subject by midnight Saturday please.

I am going to brave the rain and go outside and pack more parcels now. Then I shall do some knitting. My felted tweed cushion cover is looking good!  Back tomorrow.


One thought on “December 27th

  1. love the new photo, where is it?
    i had a couple of glassses of bucks fizz & a few glasses of asti on xmas day then wondered why i couldn’t get to sleep that night! hope u still enjoyed yourself 😉

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